Surviving Week #5 With Confidence


September 30, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) drops back to pass against the Philadelphia Eagles during third quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the 2nd quarter of the NFL including your survivor leagues. It’s been a crazy first four weeks of the season and if your still in your league the field is much thinner than it was when the season started due to all the upsets.  Last week my no brainers were 2-0 and I’ve only lost one no brainer game so far which eliminated a lot of  teams in week 2 when New England lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

When looking at your week 5 pick there is one game that stands out and it’s not the confidence I have in this team to win, but I do have a lot of confidence in the teams opposition to lose the game. The 2012 survivor league picks might as well be let’s see who the Cleveland Browns are playing this week.  This weeks tour of the mistake by the lake’s favorite team takes them to the Jim Hoffa’s remains site, the Meadowlands. The New York football Giants are proving themselves to be a 9-7 team again this season but playing the Browns is a bye week and an easy selection for survivor league.


New York Giants over Cleveland- Eli should make quick and easy work of this matchup.

Avoid The Herd Game

Cincy at home versus Miami- Thanks to Dan Carpenter the Phins are 1-3 instead of 3-1.  This game will be hard fought close game. Don’t miss it again Dan.

49ers vs Buffalo- This is the type of offense the Bills D can be succesful against.  The Bills offense could throw it all over the lot or get stuffed.  I would avoid this game.

On the Road with Little Confidence

Packers at Indy- The Packers should win this but there D hasn’t looked good except in Week 2. Luck could produce huge numbers and keep this game closer than it should be.

Confidence Leagues

After a .500 effort in Week 3 I came back strong in Week 4 going 12-3.  This week offers the same fun dilemnas as past weeks with no consistency out most teams as seen last night with the Cardinals pathetic offensive showing in St Louis.

Highly Confident (10-14)

1. Giants over Browns

2. Bears over Jacksonville

3. Baltimore over Chiefs

4. 49ers over Buffalo

5. Houston over Jets

Should Be Confident (6-9)

1. Cincy over Miami

2. Packers over Indy

3. Vikings over Titans

4. New England over Denver

Upset Specials! (2-5)

1. Eagles over Steelers

2. Carolina over Seattle

3. Chargers over New Orleans

4. Washington over Atlanta

Good Luck in week #5 survive, advance, and win some cash!