Fantasy Focus: The Quarter Pole Awards


Sep 30, 2011; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) during the first quarter against the Carolina Panthers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE

We are a quarter of the way through the season, and for some it’s time to decide if it’s make it our break it time already.  Is it time to make a deal and pull off a major trade, or it could be time to bench some big names that aren’t producing and trust the no name guys that no one knew would be fantasy gold.  Here are some of the 1st quarter awards.

MVP– Matt Ryan- As predicted the new offense is set up for more big vertical plays and Ryan is playing with confidence.

Biggest Surprise– RG3  He’s putting up huge numbers weekly.  He’s gone against some soft defenses so the next quarter will be the tell of the tape.

Mr Consistency– Arian Foster- He’s putting up 16 plus points a week but he’s also racking up a ton of carries.

Breaking Out– AJ Green had a good rookie season, but his sophomore season is turning him into a breakout star.

Mr. MopUp– Dwayne Bowe- All this guy does is catch touchdowns……..When his team is way behind and done for the day.

National Breakout– Alfred Morris- This guy gives RG3 someone to lean on.

Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde– Julio Jones Week 1 +15points  Week  2. 3.5 points  Week 3. +15 point  Week 4 3.5 points Week 5 ???

Biggest Dissapointment-Ryan Matthews- After getting injured in the pre-season he’s still not 100% or producing yet.

Biggest Leg – Greg Zuerlein- Rams kicker is blessed with a weak offense that sets him up for 50 plus yard field goals that he connects with ease.

Not Long In The Tooth Yet– Bears Defense has scored in double digits 3 out of 4 weeks!

Week 5 Picks


Stud-Aaron Rodgers- He returned back to form last week and now he gets the Indy D that Cutler and the Bears shredded up Week #1.

Dud- Mark Sanchez- Texans D plus calls for Tebow could make Monday Night memorable, well maybe for everyone but Sanchez.

Sleeper- Matt Hasselbeck- Locker out, and a full week of reps, he could put up big numbers especially if Titans are in catching up mode in the 2nd half,

Running Back

Stud-Adrian Peterson- It’s amazing that he’s playing this good with an ACL injury in the last game of 2011.  Should have a big day against the Titans.

Dud-Jamaal Charles- The Ravens D will have one focus all day.. shut down Charles.

Sleeper- Willis McGahee- With all the Manning vs Brady focus, it could be McGahee that runs away with this show Sunday.

Wide Receiver

Stud-Marques Colston- Welcome to the 2012 season. After finally showing up in Week 4 in Green Bay will have another good game against the Chargers.

Dud-DeSean Jackson- All the Steelers defenders are back from injury coming off a bye week. Vick will be under seige all day limiting Jackson.

Sleepers- James Jones- Expect a big day from Jones in place of Jennings as long as he doesn’t get a case of the dropsies.

Tight End

Stud- Rob Gronkowski- It’s either him or Jimmy Graham each week as the #1 tight end right?

Dud- Fred Davis- Atlanta Defense has been aggressive which could lead to little stats for Davis.

Sleeper- Mercedes Lewis- The one weakness for the Bears has been defending the tight end. Lewis will have his chances this week.


Stud- Bears- Looking for a 3rd straight week with a Pick 6 versus Blaine Gabbert.

Dud- 49ers- Buffalo will put up points will the 49ers capitalize on the turnover chances they will give them.

Sleeper- Packers- They can put pressure on Luck and collect sacks and turnovers.

Who’s your studs and duds this week? Which player are you predicting to break out like Hartline did last week? Good luck in Week 5!