TOP NFL Picks Against the Spread: Handicapping Week 5


I’m not surprised, upset, or confused by my Thursday Night loss.  Could you imagine a year or so ago saying, “Can you believe the Rams beat the Cardinals?”  Your response would’ve been, “And?”  or “Who cares?” or “Colorado State beat Louisville?”  Let’s face it, in the NFL, anything can happen on any given Sunday.  Therefore, the Rams beating the undefeated Cardinals can happen.  Did you really see the Cardinals as an undefeated team anyway?  Well, it’s good to know, because if “logic” was used, we could say the Bears beat the Rams which theoretically means that they can beat the Cardinals, which theoretically means the Bears can beat New England, Miami, Seattle, and Philadelphia too.  The Beloved are in good shape for now.  Enough silliness, let’s get to this week’s games:


Packers -7 vs Indy – I know, the Packers haven’t been clicking yet and their Defense has not been top caliber. But do you really think that the Packers are not going to cover 7 against last year’s 2-14 team?  I know Luck is here and he’s been pretty good, but I don’t care where this one is at or how things have been going for the Pack, I’ll give up 7.

Ravens -6.5 vs KC -The Ravens took a nap vs Cleveland about 10 days ago.  They are well-rested and the Chiefs are starting to reel.  The Ravens will shut down Jamaal and the Ravens don’t take a nap against another bad team.

Houston -9.5 vs Jets -It’s alot of points for a road team, but this is one heck of a road team against a bad offense and a depleted Defense.  Can you hear it now, “Tebow…Tebow….Tebow.”  I bet the Jets keep Sanchez in against this Houston Defense the whole game to make him look bad and start Tebow next week.  Comments?  Comments?  Agree?


Broncos +6.5 vs New England – This is going to be a closer game than 6.5 points.  I typically take New England against the Spread, but I almost see this like a division game with Manning at the helm.  Peyton will know how to put up points vs. this porous defense and I trust that Denver’s Defense will hold a little more than New England’s.  This will likely still be a NE win, but I’m guessing by 3 or 4 if that.


Bears -5.5 @ Jacksonville – I’m very confident with the Bears this week.  If they continue with a similar game plan as last week, there should be no reason they don’t take care of the Jags by at least 10-13 points.  The Bears can shut down MJD and Gabbert can’t pick apart their Defense.

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 6-5-1       Upset Special:  3-1      Beloved:  3-2  Thursday Night 1-2