Chicago Bears Week 5 Milk Carton


Each week, we select one Chicago Bears for Milk Carton as someone who went missing or failed to show up.  After a 41-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s not that easy a task.  There are tons of Jags we could nominate, but we’ve got to pick a Bear.

The Week 5 Milk Carton goes to Gabe Carimi, who had a forgettable day to say the least.  While J’Marcus Webb has drawn plenty of attention for his lackluster start to the season, Carimi has flown under the radar.  He was exposed on Sunday, most notably committing back-to-back false start penalties that turned the Bears’ opening second half drive into three points instead of seven.

Let’s cut Gabe some slack, as this is basically his rookie year.  He missed all but the first six quarters of action to a knee injury and spent a better part of the offseason recovering.  I’m not pushing the panic button yet on Carimi, but he’s got some work to do to anchor that right tackle position if the Bears hope to turn their strong 4-1 start into a deep playoff run.