Kellen Davis Hosting Fundraiser for Slain Bears Fan Chris Pettry


Kellen Davis of the Chicago Bears are hosting a fundraiser this Saturday at John Barleycorn-Wrigleyville  to benefit the family of Chris Pettry, the Bears fan senselessly slain last weekend while in Jacksonville for the Bears vs Jaguars game.  He’s got former teammates Jason McKie, whose son plays in the same park district league as Pettry’s son, and Tommie Harris already committed to participate in the event.  As an aside, Tommie Harris + Wrigleyville = trouble.  If you go to the event and meet Tommie, make sure to wash your hands before grabbing an hors d’oeuvres.

"Davis and his agent, Wayne Jett, are hosting a fundraiser for the family Saturday at John Barleycorn-Wrigleyville in Chicago. Bears memorabilia and other items will be auctioned off to help raise funds to assist Pettry’s wife, Karen, and her three children. Pettry was the sole financial provider for his family at the time of his death.In addition to Saturday’s event, Davis and his camp also set up a webpage where donations can be made.“My heart goes out to the Pettry family that lost their loved one over a senseless act,” Davis said. “I wanted to show my support when I heard about this, so I started a donation page and am participating in a fundraiser that my team helped put together.”"

As I said earlier this week, this hits home for me as a Bears fan who goes on an annual road trip to see the team.  I know that times are tough, but if you can, dig between the couch cushions and try to make a donation.  Pettry is survived by wife Karen and three young children.