Surviving Week #6 With Confidence


Oct 11, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) runs with the ball against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. The Titans beat the Steelers 26-23. Mandatory credit: Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE

Thursday night was a great example of why I always steer clear of road teams even when they are favored. All signals pointed to the Steelers starting to get on a roll while the Titans only win was a wild  game against the Lions and haven’t looked good in a game since.  Then a strange thing happens in prime time the Titans keep it close and Rob Bironis finishes the Steelers off.  If you picked the Steelers last night it was a great idea gone bad and the case and point to avoid road teams at all cost in survivor leagues.

No Brainer Picks

-The lock of the week is the Atlanta Falcons at home against the Oakland Raiders .  Even though the Falcons are 5-0 they always seem to keep their opponents in the game, so even though this is the pick, it could be uneasy on the ticker.

Should be more confident but i’m not.

-Arizona at home against Buffalo.  The Bills have been horrible the past two weeks and even though the Cardinals look fraudish they should chalk up a win in this matchup.

Road Worries

– Cincinnati over Cleveland. Neither teams shows me much to be confident in, which means STAY AWAY game.

Confidence Leagues

After a stellar 12-3 week I fell back to earth with a 8-6 record last week. As I sat in Jacksonville stadium looking at the scoreboard I could see pick after pick lose in the early games except for the Giants game.  The most bizarre thing is how the Packers blew a 21-3  lead.  This week it seems there are a lot more toss up games or maybe it’s just the lack of confidence in seeing something one week and getting a totally opposite team the next week.  Case in point the Pittsburgh Steelers! Here is Week #6 picks!

Highly Confident (19-14)

1. Atlanta over Oakland

2. Tampa over Kansas City

3. Arizona over Buffalo

4. New England over Seattle

5. Baltimore over Dallas

Toss-Up (5-9)

1. Miami over St.Louis

2. Philly over Detroit

3. Jets over Indy

4. 49ers over Giants

5. Cincy over Cleveland

Upsets and Too Close TO Call (2-4)

1. Texans over Green Bay

2. Washington over Minnesota

3. Denver over San Diego

Good luck in Week #6! Survive, Advance, and Win the Cash!!