Top NFL Picks Against the Apread: Handicapping Week 7: Thursday Night


Summary of the Weekend:

Well another crazy weekend, so I’ll be happy walking away 500.  I was disappointed in myself for not taking the Giants, I thought the spread against the 49ers was too high, but I didn’t expect them to blow the 49ers out.  My mistakes were Houston and New England last week.  I’m not quite sure what happened to New England, but saw what Green Bay did to Houston.  I wished that Houston would’ve shown up to at least make that game exciting, I looked forward to watching it.  Not to mention the fact it would’ve been great for the Bears to have Green Bay lose again.  My Cleveland pick to win helped me win a confidence pool this week.  You figure they have to win at least a couple and a familiar division foe like Cinci was going to be the one.  Lastly, the Denver win was exciting to watch.  Yes, I was nervous at halftime, but after Manning’s first drive 4 minutes in, I thought, well, they can still come back; and come back they did.  So in another crazy NFL week, surviving at 2-2 isn’t so bad.  I’m at 500 for the season.  Now, on to Thursday Night:

San Fran -7 vs Seattle –  I had this going the other way for a couple of minutes….just a couple of minutes.  I first thought about it being a division game, and division rivals know each other, therefore it’ll be closer.  However, Seattle is coming off an emotional win and they’re going to be feeling like they can do anything.  San Fran is coming off an embarrassing loss and are going to want to right the ship.  This will be a hard fought game and will be relatively close.  The over/under is 38.  I feel a 24-14 San Fran win coming.

Weekly Picks:  Pick “3”  1-2     Upset Special 1-0

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 7-10-1       Upset Special:  4-2      Beloved:  4-2  Thursday Night 1-2