Cutler Upset By Media…Again


(video via CSN Chicago)

Jay Cutler’s press conference on Thursday ran a little shorter than usual, thanks in large part to several questions regarding the criticism that is out there surrounding the Bears quarterback.

In Cutler’s defense, he has every right to be sick of this by now. The same questions pop up every year — and nearly every week, for that matter — regarding his character and leadership qualities. However, Cutler has to realize that he is constantly in the spotlight and he has opened himself up to this criticism due to some of his past actions. He needs to handle these situations in a more professional manner, rather than just running from the tough, and very redundant, questions.

On Monday night Cutler and the Bears will take on a Detroit team that they have actually fared pretty well against in the past. The Lions are undoubtedly going to bring the heat and keep the pressure on him all game long, so Cutler will have to keep his head straight while in the pocket…and especially on the sidelines with his coaches. The Bears and Cutler alike should welcome this opportunity to showcase their talents on national television and (hopefully) prove they belong at the top of the NFC North.

The cameras are always on, Jay — and they’re always pointed toward you, whether you like it or not. Take advantage of it.