TOP NFL Picks Against the Spread: Handicapping Week 7


SUMMARY OF THURSDAY NIGHT: Well, I’m kind of rushed today, so I’m going to be brief.  I’m sure there were tons of gamblers that were either relieved or extremely ticked off by Jim Harbaugh’s decision to decline a penalty that would’ve given the 49ers 2 more points, thus covering the spread in the last minute of the game.  Most of the week, the 49ers were 7 point favorites, so alot of people likely just pushed (as I did).  However, there were some people who wagered on the 49ers at -7.5 or 8 who were not happy.  I hate to break it to the bettors, but coaches don’t care if they cover the spread.  (It does seem like Belichick does at times though, doesn’t it?).  Smart call by Harbaugh, even though I wasn’t happy, but why risk having to cover an on-side and geting another player hurt? I don’t think Seattle could’ve come back, but the injury factor alone was enough to decline the penalty.  Onto the weekend games:

Bills -3.5 vs Titans -Tennessee had their day in the sun vs. Pittsburgh.  This team goes on the road and doesn’t fair as well against the Bills.  Fitzpatrick and Spiller have good games and the Bills win by at least 7.

Saints -1 vs Tampa -I’ve always said that the Saints are a different team on the road and they’ve proved it over the years.  However, this Saints team cannot be complacent due to the early hole they’ve dug themselves.  They have both had time to prepare for this one and Brees will outduel Freeman.

Steelers -1 vs Bengals -Both teams are coming off of painful losses to terrible teams.  They both cannot lose two in a row, or lose to a division rival.  Despite being on the road and being winless on the road, the Steelers pull out this must-win for them.


Arizona +7 @ Minnesota -obviously, this is on the wish list as a Bears fan and I’m not entirely convinced that Arizona is going to win. Arizona is starting to come back to earth lately, but they can put up points.  I’m looking at about a 24-20 Minnesota win, but I’ll take a Cardinal win for sure.


Bears-6 vs Detroit -the Bears should have a great game-plan coming into this game given the amount of time they’ve had to prepare.  If they continue to follow the same format of changing it up, getting the ball out early, mixing in a couple deep passes, and running well (as the formula should be all the time), they will be just fine.  The Bears Defense will continue to be solid and the Bears take this one by 10.

Thursday Night Pick – 0-0-1 PUSH

SEASON: Pick “3 ”  – 7-10-1       Upset Special:  4-2      Beloved:  4-2  Thursday Night 1-2-1