Stormy Weather Could Impact Bears Lions Game


It could be a wet, wild night at Soldier Field as the Bears and Lions face off in an NFC North showdown.  The weather forecast for kickoff is 50% chance of storms, but at the very least, the field should be plenty sloppy with steady rain falling in Chicago throughout the day.

Which team will a sloppy field help?  Who can benefit the most?  The traditional thinking is that a sloppy field would favor a running attack, so the Bears with Matt Forte and Michael Bush should gain some edge.   In general, a wet track would favor offensive players because they know where they’re going and defenders don’t.

What scares me is that it could help level the playing field, so to speak.  The Bears appear to be the better team, but a mishandled snap or a slippery ball could give the Lions an unexpected edge.  Of course, that goes both ways, but you never know.  The Bears entered Week 7 as the third ranked team in turnover margin with a +9 while the Lions entered the week at 18th with a -1.

On the flipside, Devin Hester could have an advantage.  Directional kicking and coverage teams could be out the window on a stormy night, so the Windy City Flyer could be set up for a special night.  Devin is a mudder.  His father was a mudder, his mudder was a mudder…

For up-to-the-minute details, check out the weather here.  If you’re going to the game, bring a poncho and as always…