Odd Couple – Suh and Cutler Least Liked in NFL


Their paths crossed in a big way on Monday night and now Ndamukong Suh and Jay Cutler made more headlines as they finished #1 and #2 respectively in a Forbes poll of the least liked players in the NFL.

I can get Suh; he’s a hit and run goon off the field and a dirty thug on it.  He’s earned his reputation for headhunting quarterbacks and stomping defenseless players laying on the turf.

Cutler’s likability – or lack thereof – is a media creation, as every facial expression and sideline scowl get dissected more than his passes on the field.  The media don’t point to things that Cutler does to support diabetes research or bring to light the fact that Cutler hosted the family of Chris Pettry, the Bears fan who was senselessly slain while in Jacksonville to take in the game, at Soldier Field for the game vs the Lions.

On the bright side, Brian Urlacher was named among the most likable because as they put it, he’s a “Throwback linebacker for a throwback team – who doesn’t love a modern Dick Butkus?”  Um, ok.

For the full list of the most and least liked, head over to the Forbes article here.