Chicago Bears Week 8 Game Ball


Usually I put the Game Ball up for a vote, but the winner of the Chicago Bears’ Week 8 Game Ball after their comeback 23-22 victory is clear cut and not debatable.  I considered putting Robbie Gould up for nomination, but how could I in good conscience nominate a kicker who missed a 33-yard FG attempt in a crucial situation with the Bears trailing?

The Week 8 Game Ball goes to Tim Jennings, who had another pair of interceptions, including a pick-6 that brought the Bears all the way back to take a 20-19 lead late in the fourth quarter.

Jennings’ first interception may have been the more impressive of the two.  On the first, Cam Newton was harassed and pressured.  While seeming to throw the ball away towards the sidelines, TE Greg Olsen pretty much gave up on the ball.   The good news; Jennings did not.  He made a crazy, diving interception flying in from what appeared like 10 yards out of the picture to snag the ball.

His other interception was about as easy as they’ll come.  With the Panthers starting from their own 20 yard line following a Bears score and subsequent touchback, Cam Newton stepped back to fire a simple out to Steve Smith, but the Soldier Field turf monster jumped up and Steve Smith fell down.  At that point, it was an easy pitch and catch for Jennings.  As soon as Smith fell down, I jumped up and raised my hands in the traditional TD signal because I knew it was 6 for the Bears.

Jennings continues his stellar play and shows that competition in the secondary raises the level of play.  Jennings and Tillman keep one-upping each other and the Bears are the beneficiaries.