Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears Supporting Movember


Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears are on a roll and as October rolls into November, we roll from pink accessories on game day to promote breast cancer awareness to some different ‘accessories’ for November.  Or should I say Movember.  If you haven’t heard of Movember, it’s the practice of growing a mustache to raise awareness to men’s health issues.  No really, it’s a thing.

A couple of weeks ago, Jay Cutler was making his weekly appearance with Waddle and Silvy and the hosts threw the idea at Jay.  He said he would have to ‘check in with the boss’ and when he came back the next week, he said he’d be willing to do it as long as the hosts would go along.

Fast forward into the first full week of the month and Cutler appears to have the makings of a little friend on his upper lip at Wednesday’s presser. It’s sort of unclear how it’s going to take shape from looking at it in the infancy stage,s so thanks to my guy Deez, we’ve imagined some different looks for Cutty to consider taking his ‘stache.

‘The Ditka”

“The Quinville”

“The Ozzie”

“The Rod Beck”

“The Borat”

“The Sam Elliott” or “The Andy Reid”

Which look would you like to see Cutty sport?  Go sign up on Waddle, Silvy and Cutler’s page to support their efforts for Movember and as always…