Bears vs Texans – Rain and Wind in Sunday Night Forecast


It could be a sloppy one for the Bears and Texans, as the mild mid-November temps that we’re experiencing for a few days are expected to give way to wind and rain, moving in Sunday night just in time for the game.  Check out ABC 7’s Mike Caplan with the forecast:

What does this mean for the game, a highly anticipated “Super Bowl Preview” between two of the top teams in the league? Both teams boast stellar defenses, so scoring was going to be at a premium to begin with.  Now add the uncertainty of the weather and those 50+ yard field goal attempts might turn into short punts or shanks.  The slippery balls might be slipping out a little easier so the usual ball security of the Texans could be put to the test.   I see the rainy and windy conditions as an edge for the Bears.  The Texans aren’t used to playing in harsh condition while playing most of their games in a cushy dome.

So if you’re going to Soldier Field on Sunday night, bring your rain gear and as always…