Chicago Bears Week 10 Milk Carton


This week’s choice for the Milk Carton is an easy one.  In case you’re new to the site, the Milk Carton is reserved for a player who went missing during the game or who failed to show up.  In some weeks, we’ll put it up for a vote and in other weeks we’ll just pick someone.

I know some of you might think Jay Cutler should go on the Milk Carton for getting knocked out of the game and failing to finish, but that’s being a little foolish.  Cutler couldn’t help getting the concussion and to think otherwise is just plain wrong.

For me, the Milk Carton goes to Kellen Davis, plain and simple.  Talk about a guy who failed to show up.  Davis coughed up the first turnover of the night, was the target on Cutler’s first interception and had at least two other drops by my count.

The production from the tight end position has been horrible for the Bears this season and Davis is the main culprit.  He can’t catch and if he does, he usually falls down in the process.  Don’t get me started on his blocking or lack thereof.   It looks like it will be back to the drawing board for the Bears and the tight end position yet again.