Top NFL Picks Against the Spread: Handicapping Week 11: Thursday Night


Well, it was not the best way to get back into the swing of things, finishing 2-3.  My pick three wasn’t too good this week for the same reason my fantasy team has struggled: Eli Manning and the Giants.  Touted as a superbowl contender, I’d love to see them try to come through Soldier Field to get to the Big Dance.  I typically stay away from the NFC East, but for some reason it drew me in this week.  Who knows how the Dallas/Philly game would’ve ended if Vick didn’t get hurt, but you never know.  New Orleans helped the Bears who didn’t help themselves in the home field race.  We’ll see where Atlanta goes from here.  Lastly, my 12 helped in the Rams/49ers tie game.  Watching what happened around the NFC should help make Bears fans feel a little better about their second loss of the season.

 Buffalo -1 vs Miami – and the ball gets spun around the roulette table where she stops, no one knows.  Miami starts looking good and then wham, they get blown out by an upset Titans team.  Buffalo has been pretty terribly inconsistent, and then give New England a run for their money last week.  If I wasn’t writing for this blog, I wouldn’t touch this one with a 10 foot pole.  But for all you people who just need to gamble……Buffalo.  Take the home team in an even division match and play the odds.

WEEK 10 Pick 3: 1-2     Upset Special 1-0     Beloved 0-1

SEASON: Pick  3:   11-15-1     Upset Special:  6-2-1      Beloved:  4-4-1   Thursday Night 2-2-1  =  23-23-4