Flashback: Bears QB Jim Harbaugh Blows “The Audible” Game vs Vikings


As the Bears prepare to take on the 49ers and head coach Jim Harbaugh, I thought this would be a good game to revisit.  For those out there too young to remember, Harbaugh used to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears.   He also may have been the guy to single-handedly end the Mike Ditka era in Chicago.

Back in 1992, with the Bears up 20-0 early in the 4th quarter against the Vikings in the Metrodome, Harbaugh called an ill-advised audible that went for 6 points the other way.  The Bears went on to lose the game and the team never recovered.  It was Ditka’s last year in Chicago.  Connect the dots.

Here are the lowlights from a younger and slimmer but still blow-holey Chris Berman:


A lot of familiar faces in that video including a lot of ’85 Bears in the twilight of their careers, Tom Waddle in his prime and even a Dennis Green cameo (the Bears were who he thought they were even back then).

Let’s hope this comes full circle and the Niners QB, (whoever ends up playing Monday vs the Bears – Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernich) tosses one of those pick-6’s for the Bears and Harbaugh goes bonkers.