Legendary Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka Suffers Minor Stroke


Former Chicago Bears coach and ESPN analyst Mike Ditka suffered a “very minor stroke” on Friday.  As reported by the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Pompei:

"Ditka said he was at a suburban country club playing cards Friday when he noticed his hands “weren’t working quite right,” and then he had a problem speaking."

Let me tell you that there’s no such thing as a minor stroke, unless it’s happening to someone else.  Da Coach is resting comfortably and says he’s doing just fine.

Ditka has been in good health in recent years but went down a similar road nearly 25 years ago when he suffered a heart attack in the middle of the 1988 season.  Against doctor’s orders, Iron Mike was back to the office in just over a week and roaming the sidelines in less than two weeks.

Wishing Da Coach a speedy recovery!