Top NFL Picks Against the Spread: Handicapping Week 12: Turkey Edition


Finally!  I was starting to think I should give up on my Pick 3.  This week brought me back to my senses after a rough stretch.  It all evens out.  I told you about those Brownies.  Dallas wanted to give that one away, until the end.  I was happy with the outcome because the Browns are now sitting with just 2 wins and 6 games left and I don’t think that the Cowboys are going to be a threat to the Bears making the playoffs.  I got lucky with the Packers win and was very upset with Detroit.  They totally should’ve won that game and Mason Crosby was single-handedly trying to let the Lions win.  I didn’t want that cover, but I got it.  The Chargers sealed my 3-0 with a late touchdown, I’ll take it.  Love those end of the game covers because Lord knows I’ve lost plenty in the last minute too.  Oh well, onto my TURKEY DAY edition, I’ll pick all three games for your holiday betting entertainment:

Houston -3 vs Detroit – most people would jump on this because it looks like a no-brainer, which scares me a little bit.  However, the simple fact is that Detroit knows how to prepare for these games – short week, early game on Thanksgiving. This will be the first time Houston plays on Thanksgiving.  Houston just had a…unnecessarily crazy, exceptionally aggravating, thank goodness win against Jacksonville on Sunday.  Detroit lost one they should’ve won against their division rival Green Bay Packers.  This is a must-win for Detroit, it is a “we need to look a little better” game for Houston.  Despite the Lions backs being against the wall and it being a home Thanksgiving game, I’m still picking the Texans.

Dallas -3.5 vs Washington – gosh, I’d love to stay away from this.  I see this game wrecking my record for the week.  Everything points to Washington this week which is exactly why Dallas is going to show up.  We will here RG3’s name 187 times on Sunday (that’s the over/under)

WEEKEND Result: Pick 3: 3-0    Upset Special 0-1   Beloved 1-0

SEASON:            Pick  3:   14-15-1     Upset Special:  6-3-1      Beloved:  5-4-1   Thursday Night 3-2-1  =  28-24-4