Top NFL Picks Against the Spread: Handicapping Week 12: Sunday


I apologize that my post was not a completed product the other night.  I was staying at a hotel and I either had site issues or WIFI issues and thought my draft was complete when it was published, but obviously something was amiss.  What is even more disheartening is I had New England covering, but since it wasn’t in print for our viewers, I can’t count it.  Regardless, of my record on Turkey Day, those were absolutely fantastic games.  I mean, the Patriots/Jets game got out of hand, but it was rather comical to watch as New England tallied 35 in the 2nd Quarter.  You had to love the Houston/Detroit game going to OT and having both kickers miss game winners for their teams.  I mean, I wasn’t excited because Hanson is my fantasy kicker, but I never mind watching Detroit lose.  The Dallas/Washington game got exciting as well once Dallas realized that they were playing a football game.  They may have been able to pull it out versus Cleveland, but RG3 continues his phenomenal rookie run and didn’t let Dallas pull one off in the end.  It was  a great day to be on the couch watching the games and they were entertaining enough to keep me there.  I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day!  Now, onto the weekend, where there are slim-pickins:


Indianapolis -3 vs Buffalo – Indy is coming off of an embarrassing loss to New England (wasn’t as bad as the Jets in my opinion, though) and Buffalo is puffy-chested from their win against the inconsistent Miami Dolphins.  Indy is in an unbelievable Wild Card position playing at home against another up and down team.  The Colts step up at home and re-find themselves to put the Patriots loss in the rearview mirror.

Denver -10 vs KC –it’s not easy to take a Division Team, playing on the road, at Arrowhead no less, giving 10 points.  However, when you have  a hot team playing a not team, sometimes those variables don’t always play into it.  Manning will have this covered by halftime.

St. Louis +1 vs Arizona – the Rams are reeling, but right the ship against a team that is also falling apart.  Bradford and Jackson lead the Rams to a needed victory over a team that was once thinking playoffs at 4-0, but now find themselves at 4-6.


New Orleans +1 vs. San Fran – No, I’m not upset about last week (well, I am, but it is not impacting this pick).  The Saints are hot and I surely wouldn’t want to be facing them right now.  They have a very possible shot at making the playoffs as a wild card at this pace.  It won’t be easy for San Fran to play them in the Superdome regardless of who their quarterback is.  The Saints will not come out flat like the Bears and this one will turn into a knock-down-drag-out with the Saints coming out on top.


Bears (-5?) vs Minnesota – well, my normal lines have not been posted for this game, but I was able to find a -5 spread out there for the Bears.  Despite the fact that I think it will probably be lower by game-time, I’ll still take the Bears giving 5.  Games like last week against the 49ers happen.  They happen all around the league every week, we’re just not used to them.  Why don’t you ask New Orleans how they felt losing to Carolina in Week 2?  New England to Arizona in Week 2?  San Fran to Minnesota in Week 3?  Green Bay to Indy in Week 4?  New Orleans to Denver in Week 8?  Whether they are blow-outs or unexpected losses, they can happen at any time and you just regroup and re-plan.  Don’t worry Bears fans, every team has a weakness, ours just happens to be the O-line.  The Bears will figure out how to work through it and will gameplan accordingly.  The Vikings are not as good as their record and with Percy Harvin out, time to stack the box.  Bears by 10.

Thanksgiving Result: 0-1-1 (To be included in Thursday Night standings)

SEASON:            Pick  3:   14-15-1     Upset Special:  6-3-1      Beloved:  5-4-1   Thursday Night 3-3-2  =  28-25-5