Week #13 Power Rankings


November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh talks with quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) during fourth quarter of their game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the New Orleans Saints 31-21. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

The week has finally ended after a feastful of games on Thursday, it finally crashed landed in Philly on Monday night.  Last week’s #1 stays in the top spot after going to New Orleans and beating a hot Drew Brees and company.  Coach Harbaugh rolled the dice on the higher ceiling guy in Kaepernick and now seemingly has his guy behind center for a deep run to the playoffs. Here’s this week’s rankings.

1. SF 49ers (8-2-1) Harbaugh must like gambling because he went with the not very safe choice and rode out of New Orleans fo the win.

2. Houston Texans (10-1) Two straight weeks of non stop Andre Johnson.

3. Atlanta Falcons (10-1) All they do is win football games, yet their season will be judged as a success or failure only in the playoffs.

4. NY Giants (7-4) They’re back!! After their normal mid-season hiatus they open up a can on the Packers, this is when they usually go on their run.

5. Baltimore Ravens (9-2) Great 4th down run by Rice, and they won a game on the west coast they had no business winning.  A sign of a good team with the possibility of getting Ray Lewis back for the playoffs.

6. New England Patriots (8-3) It looks like Brady and company have this season figured out, now they are just in a race with the Ravens and Broncos for a first round bye.

7. Chicago Bears (8-3) They dominated Minnesota but at a large healthy price. Cutler gets bashed a lot but all he does is win football games.

8. Green Bay Packers (7-4) Following the footprints left by the Bears they got destroyed in prime time.  The injury bug caught up with them for at least one week.

9. Denver Broncos (8-3) Way to sleepwalk to a win in KC.  Every team has a week like that its just usually on the losing end.

10. Tampa Bay Bucs (6-5) Tough loss at home to the Falcons. They are playing good football, it will be interesting how they come out after their loss to Atlanta.

11. New Orleans Saints (5-6) They may have dug the hole too deep, they still have a favorable schedule to sneak into the Wild Card.

12. Seattle Seahawks (6-5) Very good home team, very mediocre road team. Hopefully mediocre visits Soldier Field this Sunday!

13. Indy Colts (7-4) Everytime you watch them play you feel like the soundtrack of Hoosiers should be playing in the background! Don’t get caught watching the paint dry!!

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) You can’t turn the ball over 8 times in a flag football game and win or even in Cleveland, that is the definition of an ugly loss.

15. Cincinnati Bengals (6-5) They are about to pass the  Steelers by playing good football for the past month.

16. Washington Redskins (5-6) Their schedule is set up to make a run at a Wild Card, will RG3 deliver?

17. Dallas Cowboys (5-6) They have lost so many games by getting so far behind in the first half, Garrett should lose his job for his coaching this season.

18. Minnesota Vikings (6-5) Without Percy Harvin in the lineup, the Vikings are too one dimensional even though that one dimension is pretty Awesome. Still hard to believe what Adrian Peterson is doing after having ACL surgery less than a year ago.

19. Miami Dolphins (5-6) Reggie Bush’s run was spectacular and Tannehill was able to drive them late twice for the win, and Carpenter finally made a late kick.

20. St Louis Rams (4-6-1) Watch out for the Rams next season if they figure out a vertical offense because their defense is only going to get better under Jeff Fisher.

21. Arizona Cardinals (4-7) Remember when they were 4-0??

22. Philly Eagles (3-8) Remember when they beat the Giants to go 3-1??

23. San Diego Chargers (4-7) Remember when they were 4-0?? Giving up 4th and 29 should have been an automatic pink slip to Norv Turner.

24. NY Jets (4-7) They are so bad that they forced Fireman Ed into retirement! If only they could force the chant into retirement too!

25. Detroit Lions (4-7) And they didn’t think all those arrests would end up reflecting on the field…. this isn’t SEC football this is the NFL!!

26. Buffalo Bills (4-7) Remember when Jim Kelly was there and they were a real NFL organization?

27. Tennessee Titans (4-7) Whats worse losing by 31 at home or losing to the Jags period?

28. Carolina Panthers (3-8) They visit Kansas City Sunday, that should be exciting!!

29. Cleveland Browns (3-8) Their defense has played very good football the last two weeks. Beating Pittsburgh made their season!

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) Why did you not start Chad Henne weeks ago??

31. Oakland Raiders (3-8) I’m sorry but it was great watching the Bengals put a beat down on Carson Palmer. The tuck rule really put this organization in a tale spin.

32. KC Chiefs (1-10) Now they lose and just ask for autographs from real NFL players.