Week 13 Chicago Bears Milk Carton


Following Sunday’s devastating 23-17 loss to the Seahawks, there are quite a few worthy candidates for the Bears Week 13 Milk Carton, but for me, there is only one worthy winner, Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith.  In case you’re new to the site, the Milk Carton goes to the Chicago Bear who went missing and disappeared during a given week.

Other nominees for the Milk Carton for me and Brian Urlacher’s hamstring, Chris Conte (someone get that kid some chicken soup!), the defensive ends for not containing Wilson and Earl Bennett for picking the most inopportune time to drop a pass this season.

Lovie has managed to stay out of my cross hairs for most of the season, but this week the failure goes to the head coach.   The obvious reason to put Lovie the Week 13 Milk Carton is because of the failed 4th and 1 conversion, but this loss was about a lot more than that singular play.  Lovie failed to prepare his team for the Seahawks’ dynamic rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.  Wilson’s read/option destroyed the Bears late in the game.  While Lovie is the head coach, let’s face it, he’s in charge of the defense.

When the game was on the line, Lovie’s defense gave up drives of 97 and 80 yards.  The Bears didn’t lose that game in the overtime session, they lost that game during the OT coin toss.  The defense was gassed following the end of regulation and barely had time to catch their breath before taking to the field when the Seahawks won the toss and got the ball.  With the defense back on their heels, Lovie sat idly by as Wilson carved them up.  While most players with hands on hips, Lovie could have spent a time out to give everyone a chance to re-group.  Instead, when Urlacher got hurt, they rushed the ‘next man up’  onto the field rather than taking the time out to get everyone organized and to catch their breath.

What do you think?  Would you put anyone else on the Bears Milk Carton this week?  You’ll feel better if you air your grievances in the Comments.