Oakland, it could've been worse.  I don't know if it is a good or bad thing when the op..."/> Oakland, it could've been worse.  I don't know if it is a good or bad thing when the op..."/>

Top NFL Picks Against the Apread: Handicapping Week 14: Weekend


Oakland, it could’ve been worse.  I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing when the opposing team puts up 4 field goals against you.  I suppose it is good because they’re not touchdowns, but that’s a lot of time for the opposing team to be on your side of the field.  Well, I suppose that’s why your packing up with three more weeks football left for you.  Well, I know that there are plenty of you out there focusing on your fantasy football playoffs, but there is still money to be had utilizing a different venue – the point spread.  I’m still 2 games above 500, and if I were paying juice, I’d probably be even or a little down.  As long as I don’t have any crazy weeks like last week, I’ll be looking good heading into the playoffs.  On to Week 14:

Pick 3:  I’m going to go with the UPSETS (covers) this week:

Kansas City +7 @ Cleveland – something just tells me that even though Cleveland will likely win this, the Chiefs will do enough to hang around and keep it close.  This is the Browns giving 7 points, people, not the Patriots.

Tennessee +5 @ Indianapolis – an unexpected 8-4 team playing a 4-8 team that gives up a lot of points?  Yep, seems like a no-brainer that Indy takes care of business at home.  I’m thinking it ends up like a 20-17 game or 24-20.

Philadelphia -9 @ Tampa Bay – I know that the Eagles have given up on Reid, but Bryce Brown sure the heck hasn’t.  It is very possible that the Eagles don’t win another game, but 9 points is awfully high.  This will be a running game battle between Martin and Brown and will be a little closer than most people expect.


New Orleans Saints -4.5 @ New York – of course, this will be the game that the NYG look like Superbowl Champs again.  Drew Brees is going to be a little more cautious in this one and play it closer to the vest even though the Saints are desperate.  Less turnovers means closer game for the Boys from the Bayou.


Bears -2.5 vs Minnesota –the Bears loss of Urlacher and Peterson’s stellar play gives us an advantage on this one- a lower spread.  The Bears are sure to see a heavy dose of AP, but there’s only so much he can do vs. an 8-man front.  Vegas thinks that the loss of Urlacher will be a significant swing.  I’m more apt to think that the loss of Jennings would be more critical if the Vikings had a passing game.  I’m good giving the 2.5 points as long as the Defense figured out a play to stop that well-designed, but dumb (because it worked against us like 5 times) Rudolph 3 and out play.


SEASON:    Pick  3:   17-18-1     Upset Special:  6-5-1      Beloved:  6-5-1   Thursday Night 4-3-2  =  33-31-5