Week #15 Power Rankings


After weeks of the “experts” telling us how much a fraud the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans were, they went out and proved it this weekend getting smoked by the Carolina Panthers and our new #1 team on the power ranking list the New England Patriots.  Everything has come full circle from week 1 to now with the Patriots and Broncos playing the best football at the moment and shockingly they have two of the best quarterbacks of all-time.  It’s time for Jay Cutler to prove if he has the ability to be great or just a good quarterback in the NFL. Here are this weeks rankings.

1. New England Patriots (10-3) Ever since the trade for Aqib Talib their defense has improved dramatically and Tom Brady is just really good.

2. Denver Broncos (10-3) Manning put on a clinic in the Black Hole Thursday night.  5th MVP?

3. Green Bay Packers (9-4) Aaron Rodgers might be shortish but he just collect win after win.  Lovie better figure a way to stop him this Sunday.

4. Houston Texans (11-2) Growing pains against the elite teams in the regular season could lead to a huge playoff experience and a trip to the Super Bowl.

5. Atlanta Falcons (11-2) Still the #1 seed and still needing to go deep in the playoffs to silence the critics.

6. SF 49ers (9-3-1) They have it all set up for Alex Smith to return and be the hero. I think?!?

7. Baltimore Ravens (9-4) They let the Washington game slip threw their hands.  Their defense will be the reason they don’t make it to New Orleans.

8. NY Giants (8-5) It’s so strange that an NFL team can just turn on and off the switch as easy as the Giants do on a week by week basis.

9. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) 58-0! enough said.

10. Indy Colts (9-4) Remember when 5 or 6 wins was the expectation? Now it’s what can the Colts do in the playoffs.

11. Washington Redskins (7-6) They really need RG3 to play Sunday to continue this hot streak.

12. Chicago Bears (8-5) When Lovie gets fired at the end of the season he can only thank himself for hiring Mike Tice as the offensive coordinator.  This offense is unwatchable at times just like most of the past half century.

13. Minnesota Vikings (7-6) Peterson is the MVP Period!

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) Guess they should have started Charlie Batch against the Chargers!

15. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) Letting the Cowboys sneak out a win will be costly for their playoff hopes.

16. St Louis Rams (6-6-1) Great defense by Jeff Fisher. Horrible offense.

17. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) Crazy prediction–whoever they play this week it will go down to the last possession and they will find a way to lose.

18. NY Jets (6-7) Defense is playing better, too bad they wasted the entire season worrying about the QB.

19. Cleveland Browns (5-8) This team is playing decent football.  Imagine if they had won any of the close games they lost early in the season.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs (6-7) Back to earth Mr. Freeman. you lost to Nick Foles! Say it Nick Foles!!

21. Miami Dolphins (5-8) They play hard but they are limited at wide receiver. Tannehill needs some real weapons like all the other rookie QB’s have.

22. Buffalo Bills (5-8) Ryan Fitzpatrick is exciting and frustrating to watch. The Bills defense is playing better football since Mario Williams returned from injury.

23. Carolina Panthers (4-9) That’s was how Cam was suppose to play all season long!

24. New Orleans Saints (5-8) What a waste of talent and a season.  Thanks Commish.

25. Detroit Lions (4-9) Imagine their offense if Chip Kelly takes it over!!

26. Philly Eagles (4-9) You weren’t suppose to win anymore games! Didn’t the whole team quit on Andy Reid?

27. Tennessee Titans (4-9) Think they wish they still had Jeff Fisher as their head coach?

28. Oakland Raiders (3-10) At least they have a good punter and field goal kicker!

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11) Would LA or London even want to claim this organization as their own?

30. KC Chiefs (2-11) Only thing to look forward in KC is the April Draft!

31. San Diego Chargers (5-8) Way to save Norv’s job for another week. If they played that way all season they wouldn’t be 5-8! Is Rivers really a leader?

32. Arizona Cardinals (4-9) 58-0?? at least get a field goal! Their QB situation is a disaster from the first game until today!