Top NFL Picks Against the Apread: Handicapping Week 15: Weekend


I ran out of time to get my Thursday Night pick in.  Looking at this week, I’d like to run out of time too because there are some exceptionally difficult games to pick this week.  Last week, I was a little under 500, due in large part to our Bears once again being exceptionally underwhelming.  I think we all know what is on the line this week, I can’t believe once again it has come to this.  You need to win the games you should win, plain and simple.  I’d rather have people complaining that the only teams the Bears beat are the crappy teams than have them lose to those crappy teams and doubt them for a different reason.  Sorry, I’ll step off the soapbox, but what would you expect, it’s Packers Week.  Since this is an exceptionally difficult week, I figured I’d focus on a different concept of gambling, the OVER/UNDER.  I’ve decided to pick 3 games’ over/under scores and the Beloved – let’s see where that leads me:


Washington/Cleveland 39.5 – I am going to choose to go under on this game.  Cleveland’s strength is in it’s defense.  With RG3 dinged up, his mobility is going to be impacted, meaning Washington’s offense will be limited.  I don’t see this one putting up 6 touchdowns.

Miami/Jaguars 38 – this is also one of those games that will go under.  Don’t you see it now?  10-3 halftime score.  17-13 final score.

Bears/Packers 43.5 – Aaron Rodgers versus dinged up Bears Defense.  Bears offense shows up against weak Green Bay Defense.  The old battle of the Black and Blue goes over in a December game that doesn’t remind anyone of it being Wintertime.  I’m taking the over.

The Beloved

Packers -1 vs the Bears – painful to write, painful to look at.  I obviously won’t be rooting this way, but unless the Superbears we saw earlier in the season show up, they won’t win this one.  Does this become the springboard game that catapults them into the playoffs?  I’m really hoping, but a little pessimistic.  Sorry fans.

LAST WEEK:  Pick 3:  2-1      Upset Special: 0-1    Beloved:  0-1   

SEASON:    Pick  3:   19-19-1     Upset Special:  6-6-1      Beloved:  6-6-1   Thursday Night 4-3-2  =  35-34-5