Reliving Bears 2006 Comeback vs Cardinals


As the Bears prepare to head out to Arizona to take on the Cards in a must-win, season and Lovie’s job on the line game, let’s relive the Bears’ last visit to the desert to face the Arizona Cardinals in what’s fondly become known as the Dennis Green game.

My favorite part is the end when Rex Grossman, he of the six turnovers, congratulates Matt Leinert and tells him “you deserved that one.” No shit Sherlock.

I was there on my annual Bears trip back in ’06 to witness the comeback in person, probably the most incredible of many Bears games I’ve attended.  There were tons of Bears fans in attendance and we endured jeers and ridicule for the better part of three quarters.  Needless to say, we got the last laugh.

It was that game that convinced me that the 2006 Chicago Bears were going to be special.  Despite a useless offense a tremendous defense and a ridiculous special teams carried the Bears to victory.  Urlacher was sick, racking up about 20 tackles and refusing to lose.  It’s one of his signature games.

Perhaps the 2012 edition of the Bears can muster some magic from that group and the defense can find the fountain of middle age for a few weeks to rally this team to the playoffs.