Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Teams Of All-Time


Jan 29, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; General view of the Lombardi Trophy on Benson Tower prior to Super Bowl XLVII. The Baltimore Ravens will play the San Francisco 49ers on February 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There have been 46 Super Bowl Champs some great and some not so great that caught fire at just the right time.  Here is my top 10 greatest Super Bowl teams of all-time.

10. 1968 NY Jets– This may not be the greatest roster but they kick off my top 10 because they paved the way for Super Sunday to be an unofficial Holiday.  If Joe Namath doesn’t make the guarantee or follow through with the win who knows which path the NFL follows.  Now the Super Bowl is an event bigger than almost every other holiday of the year, and thanks to JOE football is number 1.

9. 1999 St Louis Rams– Everyone knows this team as the Greatest show on Turf with the emergence of Kurt Warner in a starring role, but what makes this team great is that it’s defense is the reason it won in the playoffs and the Super Bowl including the final stop on the 1 yard line.

8. 1997 Denver Broncos– Terrell Davis in his prime literally carrying the load for the very veteran John Elway.  The playmakers were solid but the offensive line created huge gaping holes that Davis and about 5 other running backs could drive trucks through.  The Packers surrendered the last touchdown because they had too much faith in Favre and instead of repeating championships this led to a Broncos repeat championship.

7. 1983 LA Raiders– The Redskins were being ready to be anointed greatest team of all-time but two huge memorable Super Bowl plays occurred, a pick six at the goal line and Marcus Allen long touchdown run.  This was the height of Just Win Baby, it was all downhill after this season with a little help from the Tuck rule.

6. 1972 Miami Dolphins– They make the list because they went undefeated, but this had to be a boring team to watch, even the only highlight of the their Super Bowl win  is a Washington Redskins touchdown. No other team has matched the undefeated season but it is annoying that they march out these old farts out every year and drink champagne when the last undefeated team loses.  It was almost comical in 2010 at the Bears Dolphins game that while the Phins were getting shut out 16-0 they were only showing the 1985 game highlights on how Marino and company preserved the perfect season by beating the Bears.

5. 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers– The Steel Curtain defense and Franco Harris returned to Super Bowl glory again this time with a passing game.  Who knew 35 years later we would be tormented every Sunday morning by Terry Bradshaw, but it was his passing to Swann and Stallworth that helped win one of the best Super Bowl games ever in their 35-31 win over the Cowboys.

4. 1993 Dallas Cowboys– After Emmitt held out for more money they dug themselves a hole and then easily dug themselves out.  They had it all from Aikman to Emmitt to Irvin to one of the greatest offensive lines of all time. When someone argues about Emmitt as the greatest running back of all-time my instant reply is that if Walter Payton had the pleasure of running behind that line he would still be the all-time rushing leader with football fields to spare.

3. 1989 SF 49ers– They won in the playoffs by the score of 41-13, 30-3, and 55-10. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were in the zone this season.  The Broncos never had a chance on this Super Bowl Sunday.

2. 1986 NY Giants– In the era of great NFC teams the Giants defense did it’s best Bears impersonation. It always helps when you have one of the all-time greatest pass rushers in your lineup too by the name of LT.  In the game Phil Simms found the zone, entered it and never left. In retrospect it’s surprising that Parcells was still around in 1990 for his second trip to the Super Bowl.

1. 1985 Chicago Bears– The 46 defense gave up 10 points in three playoff games and the Patriots with Tony Eason and Steve Grogan at QB never had a chance in the Super Bowl.  The Bears are not only on top of  the list for their play on the field but for all their antics off the field.  From Jim McMahon mooning helicopters to the Super Bowl Shuffle which I still happily own a record.  They took the Joe Namath guarantee and put it on Steroids and the Super Bowl has never been the same!

What’s your top 10 Greatest Super Bowl teams of all-time?