Top 5 Ways to Use NFL Mobile to Enhance Your Super Bowl Experience


It’s the biggest game of the year; the Super Bowl.  Gone are the days of being stuck in front of a single TV.  Welcome to 2013, where you’ve got to be mobile.  You want everything at your fingertips everywhere you go.  The Super Bowl should be no different.

Here are my Top 5 ways to use the NFL Mobile app to enhance your Super Bowl viewing experience:

5. At work

So you’re stuck at work and can’t get out of it.  Poor planning on your part.  Unless you work at a bar or restaurant, which will be showing the game anyway, you know it’s going to be dead.  No one is doing anything except watching the game, so fire up NFL Mobile and keep up with all the action live.  Just don’t get yourself in trouble.

4. At Your Super Bowl Party

You’ve painstakingly set up the food buffet for your Super Bowl party.  Wings. Check. Chips, check. Dip, double check.  Beer.  Check-aroo.  While everyone is crowding around the chili dip loading up their plates for the fourth time, you don’t want anyone to miss the big game-changing play.  Set your Samsung Galaxy Note II up near the food station and stream away.  No one will miss anything and bellies will be filled.

3. For the Commercials

Yes, NFL Mobile will be showing all the commercials in addition to the game.  If you don’t want to miss a second of the action as you

2. For the Halftime Show

Maybe you need to ‘get some fresh air’ or stretch your legs during the halftime show.  You don’t want to miss Beyonce’s latest lip syncing or the Destiny’s Child reunion, do you?  Bring your Droid RAZR M equipped with NFL Mobile outside with you and don’t miss an instant of Crazy in Love or Single Ladies.

1. When Nature Calls

After all those ‘adult beverages’ you know you’re going to have to slip away to use the facilities.  During a normal NFL Sunday, you just go during the commercials or during halftime.  Since the Super Bowl is loaded with funny commercials, that won’t do.  And you don’t want to be the guy who misses the next ‘wardrobe malfunction’ while you’re in the bathroom.  Don’t worry, take the action with you with NFL Mobile equipped cell phone.  Just don’t drop it.

It’s easy to get NFL Mobile.  Dial **635 on your Verizon Wireless phone or go to your App Store (iOS and Android).

Bonus – you can also catch any of the 8 hours or so of the NFL Network’s pregame show from the NFL Mobile app too.

Have fun and use your phone responsibly.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Fans program and have been provided with a wireless device and five months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.