Jay Cutler Among the Most Disliked Athletes Is Stupid


October 23, 2011; London, ENGLAND; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) smiles while warming up before the NFL International Series game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium. The Bears defeated the Buccaneers 24-18. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes Magazine posted their list of The 10 Most Disliked Athletes in America and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler made the list.  I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when he wanted to counted among the elite.  Let’s look at the rest of the list and see just how stupid that idea is.

Cutler ranked fourth on the list and was the top NFL player.  He was ranked behind admitted cheater cyclist Lance Armstrong (1), admitted liar Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o (2) and admitted philanderer Tiger Woods (3).  Right behind Cutler was NBA thug formerly known as Ron Artest who now goes by Metta World Peace.  Other NFL’ers represented on the list are quarterbacks Michael Vick (7) and Tony Romo (10).

I just don’t understand where all the Cutler hate comes from.  If you’ve spent any time listening to his radio show, Cutler comes off as relatively affable and actually appears to have a personality.  Here’s Forbes’ tagline for Cutler:

"Jay CutlerQuarterback, Chicago BearsAppeal: 21%Seen as standoffish with teammates and the public. Fair or not, the sight of Cutler riding a stationary bike on the Bears’ sideline after pulling himself from a 2011 playoff game still lingers as a symbol of softness."

Maybe the stuffed shirts at Forbes are too busy sucking up to the 1 percenters to pay attention to sports, but the idea that Cutler pulled himself from the NFC Championship game is simply wrong.  Cutler wasn’t hurt, he was injured.  Just because he didn’t have the slow-motion knee buckle the wrong way moment like RGIII did doesn’t mean he didn’t get injured.  He had a Grade 2 tear of his MCL.

I suppose I shouldn’t blame Forbes; they only published the results of a Neilson poll.  Aren’t those guys too busy ranking where the last episode of M*A*S*H ranks among most viewed shows of all time?   The sad reality is, the poll is just reporting the public’s perception.

People are hung up on Cutler’s hanging head or his dismissive post-game interviews to recognize the good work that Cutler does for kids afflicted with Type I Diabetes.   They’re too focused on sideline demeanor to recognize the competitor.  When Aaron Rodgers shoves a cameraman, it’s a footnote buried in the deep corners of the internet, but if Jay Cutler farts in an elevator, it’s the lead story on Sportscenter.

I guess the only way to change that perception is to win a Super Bowl.  Everyone likes a winner.