Happy 54th Birthday To Dennis Gentry


Dennis Gentry-Fog Bowl (picture courtesy of spokeo.com)

Dennis Gentry turns 54 today.  A member of the Super Bowl Champs, Gentry played for the Chicago Bears from 1982-1992 and even though he was on the Bears during the Super Bowl season he didn’t see much action behind Walter Payton.

Gentry’s best seasons were as the change of pace/3rd down back during the Neal Anderson era.  Most of his damage came from receiving yards out of the backfield, catching 171 balls for 2,076  yards and 7 touchdowns in his career. While backing up the greatest running back ever and a pretty good one in Anderson, Gentry did rush 137 times for 764 yards and 5 touchdowns in his decade long Bears career.

Gentry was more of a factor than his stats show during the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Gentry was also a member of the Super Bowl Shuffling Crew in the Music Video (the greatest sports video of all-time)

Happy Birthday #29!

What is your favorite Gentry memory?