February Fantasy Football Checklist


Dec 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) runs the ball against Detroit Lions middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch (55) during 2nd Half of a game at Ford Field. Bears won 26-24. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

February is not a hotbed for fantasy football— This was a quote off our message board last week from one of the owners who was getting upset with everyone else in our league for not being active.  Yes if you only do re-draft leagues I understand where you might think this way.   Granted, everyone should be watching the Chicago Blackhawks‘ great start instead of worrying about their fantasy football teams but there is a reason why most people’s teams win every season and why the other people are just donating to the prize fund,

Just like everything else in life how much work you put into it is usually proves  how successful you become and even though fantasy football is suppose to be fun and relaxing and something to take our minds off real life, we all know that 99% of us our ultra competitive and that we all want to win  our leagues come football season which makes February just as important as August on the fantasy football calendar.

To do list for Fantasy Owners,

1. In Dynasty leagues getting ready for restricted free agency- I understand rules are different in every league but the RFA’s are the most exciting part of dynasty but too many owner don’t plan for it and have a strategy.  Last season if an owner in our league had made a real strategy he would have had 4 great running backs instead he ended up overpaying for two and settling instead of dominating the rfa process.

2. Look at the combine stats.  Every year in recent history rookies have made huge impacts on fantasy and for fantasy owners a lot of it is simply reading the combine stats.  In a rookie only draft I picked Chris Johnson not because I watched East Carolina play but because he had the fastest 40 time of the players left.  Not every fast guy will be a superstar but in rookie only drafts picking the fastest guy left has its advantages.

3. Find the Weak Link in your league.  Even if you are in a keeper league and only keep a couple of players there has to be an owner in your league that you can take advantage of, if not someone quit and there is new blood in the league.  This is the time to start making moves and deals with the guys that don’t care about football 24/7 and don’t really care about their roster until it’s Labor day!

4. NFL Free Agency- No matter what happens in the draft a lot of times where the free agents go doesn’t affect them but the guys they are leaving behind.  If you have a free agency period during the offseason look at the guy that is going to replace the star that retired or left for greener pastures.  You can solidify your roster now if you are doing your homework while the other guy is doing his tax return!

February is a hotbed for fantasy football if you like winning in December!!!