Brian Urlacher Twitter Photo Create a Caption


Brian Urlacher posted a little pic to Twitter to let everyone know that he’s out there training and getting ready for the 2013 season.  It’s a subtle move by the veteran middle linebacker but there are some multiple messages you can derive from this simple little tweet:

First, he’s letting everyone know that he plans on playing in 2013.  In case you thought he might retire, it’s not happening.  By doing this, he accomplishes point #2, putting pressure back in the Bears’ court.  When word leaked last week that the Bears and Urlacher’s agents had met and the Bears “made it clear that they would like to have Urlacher back” I have a strong suspicion that it was the Bears or their people that leaked that info.  It’s a way to setting up some deniability so if talks don’t go well, the team can say they wanted Urlacher back but his price was too high or he didn’t want to be back.  Posting the photo and saying he’s ready for next season, Urlacher puts some pressure back on the Bears.

The last thing that Urlacher tries to show is that he’s training and healthy.  That indicates he’s ahead of last season’s offseason program when he was sidelined all offseason and couldn’t get his knee right.  This is important to Bears fans but more important for any team considering Urlacher.  If the Bears decide to go another direction, maybe to have a clean “break” from the Lovie era, Urlacher still has 31 other possible suitors.  Showing them he’s working out may add to his value.

To wrap up this post, I’d love to see you Create a Caption for the picture.  Let’s have a little fun at Urlacher’s expense.