Chicago Bears Introduce Free Agents Martellus Bennett and Jermon Bushrod


Newest Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett and Jermon Bushrod introduced at Halas Hall (Photo courtesy of AP)

Phil Emery was like a proud papa on Wednesday, showing off his latest acquisitions when he introduced free agents Martellus Bennett and Jermon Bushrod.  As he stood at the podium, you could sense the excitement in Emery’s voice.  He reiterated the goal, as he always does when he speaks, is to win championships.  Not win.  Not win a champion.  Win championships, plural.

You can say what you want about Emery, but at the very least, he sees the same things that we as fans see.  He doesn’t stand up there and talk down to us pretend that what we’ve been watching isn’t real.  These signings are a perfect example.  The Bears had a clear need at two key offensive positions and Emery and the Bears addressed them.

Last season, the Bears needed a #1 wide receiver, so Emery pulled off the Brandon Marshall trade.  This season, despite seemingly zero salary cap room, Emery and Cliff Stein found a way to bring in two guys who perfectly fit what the Bears need.

Bennett showed the “flaky” personality that outsiders warned us about, but listening to him speak at the presser and then on local radio appearances afterward, you can tell this guy likes to work hard and play hard.  He is serious about his craft and just wants to WIN.  So what if he calls himself “the black unicorn” and like bears second only to dinosaurs.

Bushrod, on the other hand, showed a quiet confidence and humility that is the polar opposite of Bennett.  Yet when he took to the lectern, before issuing a stack of “thank yous” he admitted he Bennett would make for a good locker room.  He is focused on getting better and winning.

Two guys with very different approaches but the same mentality.  The same mindset as the GM – winning championships.

What do you think Bears fans?  Are these winning moves to put the 10-6 Bears over the hump and lead them to championships?  What other moves would you like to see the Bears make?  Let’s see your comments.