Chicago Bears Need to Go Linebacker Shopping

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As it stands today, Lance Briggs is sort of lonely in the Chicago Bears linebackers meeting room.  Sure, JT Thomas and Dom DiCicco are loitering around, but do they really belong in the same room as Briggs?  Can they fill the shoes of the departed Nick Roach and one-foot-on-the-banana-peel Brian Urlacher?  Regardless of what happens with Urlacher, the Bears will need to go linebacker shopping.  Let’s see what’s in stock.

Free Agency

We’ve officially entered the bargain hunters phase of Free Agency.  The big names and corresponding big contracts have pretty much been taken care of and now teams and unrestricted free agents are playing this awkward match game.  There are still some possibilities for the Bears.  Here are the top choices:

Karlos Dansby – the 9 year vet was cut in a cost-cutting move by the Dolphins.  He’s still got a little left in the tank.

Daryl Smith – Smith’s price is down coming off an injury. He played SLB under Mel Tucker in Jacksonville.

Nick Barnett – another cap casualty, Barnett spent the bulk of his career in Green Bay. Maybe he could help the Bears solve the mystery that is Aaron Rodgers.

Justin Durant – Durant had the most productive season of his career for the Lions last season. He spent time with Mel Tucker in Jacksonville so there could be a connection.