Chicago Bears Need to Go Linebacker Shopping

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NFL Draft – Insider Linebackers

Regardless of what happens with Urlacher, the Bears need to find someone to anchor the middle of their defense.

Alec Ogletree – the Georgia linebacker was productive as hell, but some off the field issues might cause him to slip in the draft.

Kevin Minter – despite a disappointing 40 time the LSU linebacker grades as a late first or early second round selection.

Manti Te’o – I’m including him on the list only because all draft sites grade the Heisman candidate still carries a 1-2 round grade.  For me personally, he’s off my board.

Kiko Alonso – looking deeper into the draft for a value pick, Alonso could be available in the middle rounds of the draft.  He’s had some injury bugs at Oregon, but also earned Rose Bowl MVP honors in 2012.

Jon Bostic – the Florida product’s strong Combine performance helped boost his stock into the middle rounds.  He was a core player on a good Gators defense.