Where Will Brian Ulracher Play in 2013? Possible Landing Spots for Former Chicago Bear Linebacker


Brian Urlacher turned down $2 million dollars a year to continue his career with the Chicago Bears, saying it wasn’t worth the money to put his body through the grind for a season.   He was seeking a two-year deal worth $11 million or $5.5 per season for the math challenged.  Obviously he had a higher value on himself than the Chicago Bears.

The calendar is about to turn to April and he’s been on the market for weeks including the time he was in “negotiations” with the Bears and he’s been clear of them for over a week now.  Where are all his suitors?  Where is the big money deal that the veteran linebacker has been seeking?

It pretty clear that Urlacher will have to swallow his pride and drop his asking price.  If he’s willing to settle for less money, here are some possible landing spots for Urlacher.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are probably the only other serious suitor for Urlacher to this point.  I think his agent tried to use the Vikings as leverage to try to drive up the price but the Bears didn’t blink.  Would Urlacher take less money for a chance to prove Phil Emery wrong and play the Bears twice a season?

Denver Broncos

The Broncos are not afraid of taking a chance on an aging and injured veteran like they did with Peyton Manning last season.  Could they strike gold again with Urlacher?

Baltimore Ravens

The reigning Super Bowl champs could seek a stopgap at middle linebacker since Ray Lewis is retired and working for the Worldwide Leader.  Don’t count on Urlacher to give big motivational speeches or do that ridiculous squirrel dance.  If they could cover for one busted out, past his prime future Hall of Famer and win a Super Bowl, they can certainly do it again, right?

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have a need for a linebacker and play a base 4-3 defense.  They were the best team in the NFC last season so they fit Urlacher’s criteria of playing for a contender.  Urlacher and Tony Gonzalez could do their farewell tour together.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick has plugged in veterans in the twilight of their careers in the past with guys like Junior Seau, so don’t put it past him to try to find a value deal.

Jacksonville Jaguars

While the Jags don’t fit the bill of a contender, they have Urlacher’s old position coach Bob Babich coordinating the defense.

Dallas Cowboys

Here’s another team with an Urlacher connection.  Rod Marinelli is helping Monte Kiffin install his Cover-2 defense in Big D.  Who better to help with that process than someone like Urlacher who has played in that scheme for nearly a decade?

What do you think?  Do you think Urlacher even plays in 2013 or will he end up on an off ramp panhandling?