Wonderlic Test: Take a Sample Test and Compare Your Results to the Pros


The calendar is about to turn to April and that means the NFL draft is right around the corner.  I mean just a few weeks away!  It’s also about the time that the results of the Wonderlic Test start to leak.  We’ve all heard of Morris Claiborne’s 4 and Frank Gores 6 or Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 48 and want to see how we would compare.  Well fear not, now you can!

Just visit http://footballiqscore.com/ and take one of their online sample tests.  There is a shortened 3 minute 36 second, 15 question version for the express test or you can buckle down and take the full, twelve minute, 50 question test.

A couple of words to the wise.  When you click on the link, the test on the site, the test is on and you’re on the clock.  I suggest you have a nice quiet place to work and have a sheet of scratch paper available so you can jot down some notes and solve the problems.  The time goes really fast, so don’t dwell on your answers too long.  Once you’re done, you will get a badge showing the NFL player your scores compares most closely.

As Bears GM Jerry Angelo once said, “we’re not here to show off our ‘geniusness’ ” but let’s have some fun and post our results in the Comments section, but rather than posting the actual score, post the player whose score you most closely matches.