Mayor Urlacher – Brian’s Brother Casey Becomes Mayor of Suburban Mettawa


There’s a new mayor around town and his name is Urlacher.  No, not former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian; his little brother Casey was elected mayor of the Chicago suburban town of Mettawa Illinois.  Urlacher won handily

"Casey Urlacher was the winner in the race for mayor of the small town of Mettawa, in Lake County. It was his first run for public office.Urlacher earned 61 percent of the vote. His challenger, Jeffrey Clark, earned 39 percent."

Mettawa, a small town with a population of about over 500 people, is  just west of Lake Forest, where the Chicago Bears have their headquarters.  The brothers Urlacher call it home.

It will be interesting to see if Brian continues to call it home.  Who would have thought that he would be the unemployed Urlacher brother.   Big brother Brian heavily funded his little brother’s campaign; as I understand it the entire town was plastered with orange and blue Casey Urlacher signs like this one.  Will little brother help his big brother out and hook him up with a job, since no NFL teams are knocking down his door?  Maybe Mettawa needs a new police chief or a dog catcher?

In other Chicago suburban/ex-Bears election news, Steve “Mongo” McMichael lost out on his bid to become the mayor of Romeoville, Illinois, restoring at least a little of my faith in our society.