Fantasy Focus: NFL Schedule Release


Fantasy Football just like the NFL is a year long season (picture courtesy of

If you are truly serious about winning your fantasy football league, Thursday’s schedule release was one of the first steps in draft preparedness. Yes, it’s only April but with the NFL schedule being released seeing which teams will be playing during the fantasy playoff weeks of 14, 15, 16 matters for your selections.  When going to your draft the difference between drafting Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers could simply be the fantasy playoff matchups.  Having this information can be the difference between a good season that ends in the first round or winning your Fantasy Championship.

Here is the pre-draft look at the best and worst fantasy schedules.

Top 5 QB Fantasy Matchups

1. Cam Newton-  Wk 14- At New Orleans, WK 15VS Jets, WK 16-VS New Orleans

2. Peyton Manning – Wk 14 Vs Titans, Wk15 vs Chargers, Wk 16 At Houston

3. Joe Flacco- Wk 14 Vs Vikings, Wk 15 at Lions, Wk 16 vs New England

4. Matthew Stafford- Wk 14 at Philadelphia, Week 15 vs Baltimore, Week 16 vs NY Giants

5. Phillip Rivers- Wk 14 vs NY Giants, Wk 15 at Denver, Wk 16 vs Raiders

The Worst 5 Quarterback Matchups

1. Russell Wilson- Wk 14 at 49ers, Wk 15 at NY Giants, Wk 16 vs St Louis Rams

2. Robert Griffin III- Wk 14 vs Chiefs, Wk 15 at Atlanta, Wk 16 vs Dallas

3. Christian Ponder- Wk 14 at Baltimore, Wk 15 vs Philadelphia, Wk 16 At Cincinnati

4. Brandon Weeden- Wk 14 at New England, Wk 15 vs Chicago, Wk 16 At New York Jets

5. Ben Roethlisberger- Wk 14 vs Miami, Wk 15 vs Cincinnati, Wk16 at Green Bay

The Best 5 Running Back Matchups

1. Jamaal Charles -Wk 14 At Redskins, Wk 15 At Raiders, Wk 16 Vs Colts

2. Matt Forte- Wk 14 Vs Dallas, Wk 15 at Cleveland, Wk 16 At Philadelphia

3. Adrian Peterson- Wk 14 at Baltimore, Wk 15 vs Philadelphia, Wk 16 At Cincinnati

4. Chris Johnson- Wk 14 at Broncos, Wk 15 vs Cardinals, Wk 16 at Jacksonville

5. Darren McFadden-Wk 14 at Jets, Wk 15 Vs Kansas City, Wk 16 at Chargers

The Worst 5 Running Back Matchups

1. Steven Jackson- Wk 14 at Packers, Wk 15 vs Washington, Wk 16 at 49ers

2. Frank Gore- Wk 14 vs 49ers, Wk 15 at Tampa Bay, Wk 16 vs Atlanta

3. Ray Rice – Wk 14 at Minnesota, Wk 15 At Detroit, Wk 16 vs New England

4. Reggie Bush- Wk 14 at Philadelphia, Wk 15 vs Ravens, Wk 16 Vs NY Giants

5. LeSean McCoy-Wk 14 vs Lions, Wk 15 at Vikings, Wk 16 vs Chicago

Top 5 Wide Receiver Matchups

1. Marques Colston- Wk 14 Vs Panthers, Wk 15-At St Louis, Wk 16 at Panthers

2. Demariyus Thomas- Wk 14 vs Titans, Wk 15 vs Chargers, Wk 16 at Houston

3. Dwayne Bowe-Wk 14 at Redskins, Wk 15 at Raiders, Wk 16 vs Colts

4. Danny Amendola Wk 14 vs Cleveland, Wk 15 at Miami, Wk 16 at Ravens

5. Dez Bryant- Wk 14 at Chicago, Wk 15 vs Green Bay, Wk 16 at Washington

Worst 5 Wide Receiver Matchups

1. Andre Johnson-Wk 14 at Jacksonville, Wk 15 at Indianapolis, Wk 16 Vs Broncos

2. Larry Fitzgerald- Wk 14 vs Rams, Wk 15 at Tennessee, Wk 16 at Seattle

3. Vincent Jackson- Wk 14 vs Bills, Wk 15 vs 49ers, Wk 16 at Rams

4. Kenny Britt-Wk 14 at Broncos Wk 15 vs Cardinals Wk 16 at Jaguars

5. DeSean Jackson Wk 14 vs Detroit, Wk 15 at Vikings, Week 16 vs Chicago

I know you have to make the playoffs to win in the playoffs and you’re’ never going to pass on Drew Brees just because Phillip Rivers has a better playoff matchup schedule, but if you are serious about fantasy football looking at the playoff schedule in April is just step 1 of dominating your fantasy football league come December when the winner’s check is delivered!