Is the next Matt Forte in the 2013 Draft?

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Nov 17, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Line (SMU): Think Mike Alstott…that’s Zach Line’e style of play. In a pass-first offense, Line flourished finishing with 1,200+ yards in this final three seasons at SMU. Line even passed Eric Dickerson in all purpose yards at SMU. Line can quickly burst through lines and tackles, knows the appropriate timing when following an offensive lineman, and a decent receiver in the backfield. Will he be the next Matt Forte? Probably not. Maybe Michael Bush though. I see Line as more of a hybrid offensive weapon much like the role of Darren Sproles, serve time as fullback, or even in the secondary running back in the system. Critics have said he doesn’t have the speed to the best, the agility, or doesn’t exactly have that capability to make guys miss. I think he has potential in the NFL, if someone is going to give him a chance.