The Chicago Bears Draft: Brought to You by the Number Two


November 3, 2012; Gainesville FL, USA; Florida Gators linebacker Jon Bostic (1) high fives defensive lineman Dominique Easley (2) prior to the game against the Missouri Tigers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For too many years have I watched draft after draft only to wonder why so many top candidates fell to the Bears only to be passed up by too many GM’s. This draft has an eerily similar feel to past drafts I have watched, though I am reminded by my inner-self that it is way too early to do anything but offer critiques, grades and hollow judgements.  Kyle Long, Jon Bostic, Khaseem Greene, Jordan Mills, Cornelius Washington, and Marquess Wilson are now Chicago Bears and their legacy will be defined by their actions, not by the written words of sports writers.

This is Phil Emery’s second draft. And for the second time, I believe he drafted a player in the first round that could have been had in the second. For the second year, his #2 pick seems to be a better pick than his first round. Certainly last year’s pick, Shea McClellin played well…about what I would expect a second round pick to play like while the second round pick, Alshon Jeffery had moments that I would say were more impactful in a good way for the Bears.

So the Bear’s first round pick had a second round grade on him by most people’s accounts…who cares? Well, I do depending on how this all plays out. It typically takes two years to begin to get a feel for a player’s potential. The second year is typically where a player makes his biggest improvement. And I believe it takes at least two data points to make a trend. Certainly, I now have a much better feel for how Emery rates and ranks players.  Measurables and athleticism rate as the number one priority as I see this second draft unfold.  Te’o probably was not even a serious consideration due to his mediocre workout numbers.  Who needs game tape?  Hardin last year and Long this year were short on game tape….never fear as Emery feels athleticism is the best predictor of success in the NFL.  Those aren’t his words…those are his actions.

This I know…the second place team is the first team to lose. If Emery is smarter than most of his contemporaries at picking talent, then he will go down in history as a football genius. If he is truly wasting first round picks on second round talent, then we will see the second coming of Jerry Angelo in what Bear fans will call “Boredom in Beardom part Duex”.  Bear fans don’t like to finish second…especially behind the Packers!

So when I was recently asked, “how do you really feel about it”, Mouser? I calmly replied that I thought the Bears really added some athletes and had a pretty good draft overall. I truly feel that though I would have liked the Bears to have selected one of the available TE’s in the first round and then select Long in the second…especially given the two free agent LB’s we signed recently.  This would have allowed us to attack with two TE sets with the pass catching variety of TE talent.  Having said all that, it is plainly obvious to me that Emery drafted athletes in all rounds and took a few character chances in the lower rounds which I completely agree with and applaud.

I really like the doubling up on key positions…two picks on the OL and two picks at LB in spots that do not destin the players to special teams purgatory. Double down for double chances and double the luck. Sounds like double or nothing this year and I like it as I am weary of the mediocrity that has become the team formerly known as “The Monsters of the Midway”.  Second place is not good enough so it seems and I am a little Bearish on this year’s draft.

The Bears have struck gold in the second round. Mike Singletary, Mike Brown, Matt Forte, Devin Hester, and Charles Tillman were all selected in round two.  In recent years, the second round has been better than the first round.  So no matter if you spell it to, too or two….this year’s draft definitely has been brought to you by the number 2.

So Bear fans, what do you think of this year’s draft class?