Jay Cutler Confirms Honeymoon Plans


Jun 11, 2013; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) during minicamp at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After secretly tying the knot with his new bride, many questioned the timing of the QB Jay Cutler’s nuptials given it was the weekend before the Chicago Bears would conduct its OTAs.  After a wedding, it is customary for the new bride and groom to go off to an exotic destination for their honeymoon.  Given the respective wealth of Cutler and his bride, Kristin Cavallari, they could have gone anywhere, if Cutler didn’t need to be in Lake Forest for OTAs the next week.  Cutler has shown a penchant for doing some unthinkable things in the past, but he appears to have this all worked out.

“You know, Kristin and I talked about it and she knows how important this season is to me.  She’s very supportive to not go somewhere like Hawaii or Mexico or somewhere cool like that.  We’ve decided that we’re gonna just take our honeymoon in Bourbonnais during camp.”

Phil Emery added, “Jay has our support.  You could say “full” support.”

Coach Marc Trestman was also supportive, “As I have said before, Jay and I have spent a weekend in a hotel room before, so I know he makes good company.  So long as Kristin doesn’t mind me popping into his dorm room from time to time to talk ball, I don’t see any problem with it and I think they will have a great time.”

When asked about childcare for their 10-month old son, Camden, Cutler, again, had it all worked out.

“You know, it’s not a job I can hand off to a rookie,” quipped Cutler.  “Lach or Carimi would have been easy choices if they were still here…Lach because of his experience with kids and Carimi, because I doubt he’d have much work on the field anyway.  But, without them around, we’ll probably let BMarsh and Earl look after him…they have the best hands on the team, so I know they won’t drop him.  I hope they can keep him clear of Martellus, because I don’t want Camden to think he’s a unicorn or anything like that,” Culter joked.

Asked what he and his wife planned to do during the honeymoon, Culter was a little coy.

“You know, that is something Kristin and I will mostly keep to ourselves, but we might try to get out to the Kankakee River State Park for an overnight camping trip and there’s a Red Lobster, so I think we’ll be all set.  You know, the campus and dorm rooms are no joke either.  We’ll just take it day by day”

Jay Cutler, ever the romantic…

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