J'Marcus Webb loves tweeting ab..."/>

J'Marcus Webb loves tweeting ab..."/>

Bears Slash J’Marcus Webb’s Salary in Half


J’Marcus Webb loves tweeting about McDonald’s Monday.  Pretty soon, he might have a firsthand experience, tweeting about it from the inside.  According to Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs, the Bears cut J’Marcus Webb’s salary in half, from about $1.3 million to about $630k, the minimum guaranteed for a four-year veteran.  The move saves the Bears about $690,000 in cap room:

"A source with knowledge of the new deal told the Tribune that Webb’s base salary has been slashed from $1.323 million to the minimum for a fourth-year player — $630,000. That represents a savings of $693,000 for the Bears against the salary cap right away."

With the need to bring in a couple of veteran quarterbacks and the cap crunch they’re in, the Bears certainly felt they needed to make a move and this makes the most sense.  I wonder how that conversation went.  Probably a little something like this.

Phil Emery: “Hey J’Webb.  I need to see you in my office.”

J’Marcus: Sure Phil. Do you want a Big Mac. I just got back from Mickey D’s and I got extras.

PE: No J’Marcus. Just head on over.

JW: OK, no problem. More for me.

[Moments later, as Webb strolls into Phil’s office eating a Big Mac}

JW: Hey Phil, what’s up?  I’ve got McDonald’s Monday in the morning, so I hope this doesn’t take too long.

PE: This shouldn’t take long at all. J’Marcus, the coaching staff and I have had some conversations.  As you know, we’ve dropped you down to backup tackle, because, well, frankly, you’re just not that good.

JW: Um, I was demoted? I thought ya’ll was just playin’ when you told me to run with the 2’s.  I didn’t see that as a demotion.  [Pauses while he finishes chewing his burger…]

PE: Yes J’Marcus, you’ve been demoted and as a result, we’re going to need to ask you to take a pay cut.

JW: Pay cut?!?! You cuttin’ J’Webb Nation’s budget?!?!?  I got my peeps.  What if I say no???

PE: If you say no, then I’ll need you to hand in your iPad and we’ll terminate your contract immediately.

JW: But I just downloaded the first few episodes of the last season of Breaking Bad and I’m trying to catch up now on these last few episodes.  If I agree?

PE: You will be eligible to earn the remaining portion of your salary in incentives for playing time, etc.

JW: But do I get to keep the iPad?

PE: Yes, J’Marcus. You can keep the iPad.

JW: A’ight. It’s a deal.

Joking aside, Webb’s days with the Bears appear to be numbered.  If you believe the Bears are going the keep eight offensive linemen, the math isn’t on Webb’s side.  The top 5 appear to be set, leaving three spot up for grabs with the backups.  Jonathan Scott, Eben Britton and James Brown appear to have the inside track on those spots.  Barring an injury, I think that Webb’s best chance to make the team will be if Jonathan Scott’s bum knee doesn’t respond and he can’t play again this preseason.

What do you think?  Is this just the latest in a series of steps that will mark the collapse of J’Webb Nation as we know it?  Do you feel sorry for J’Webb at all???