245 Former Chicago Bears Part of NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement


Aug 9, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; NFL shield logo on the 50 yard line before the game of the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL reached a $765 million settlement with over 4500 former players who were part of a concussion lawsuit.

"Many former players with neurological conditions believe their problems stem from on-field concussions. The lawsuits accused the league of hiding known risks of concussions for decades to return players to games and protect its image.The NFL has denied any wrongdoing and has insisted that safety always has been a top priority."

There are several Hall of Famers on the list and according to my research, count 245 former Chicago Bears among them.

Notables include Super Bowl champion Jim McMahon and the family of Dave Duerson, who tragically took his own life and attributed his mental health issues to CTE, attributed to concussions. Here is what I was able to find on former Bears players dating all the way back to 1953, sorted by year of retirement, with the most recent retirees listed first:

Brian IwuhLBJaguars and Bears200620118428
Thomas JonesRBCardinals, Bucs, Bears, Jets, andChiefs2000201118033
Jimmy KennedyDLRams, Bears, Vikings, Jaguars, andGiants200320119233
Brandon ManumaleunaTERams, Chargers, and Bears2001201015833
Adewale OgunleyeDLDolphins, Bears, and Texans2001201013034
Todd JohnsonDBBears, Rams, and Bills200420098032
Dirk JohnsonPSaints, Eagles, Bears, Cardinals, andBucs200220098037
Ian ScottDLBears and Chargers200320096530
Robert Wade, Jr.WRBears, Titans, Vikings, and Chiefs2003200910231
Terrence O. MetcalfOLBears200220087834
Daniel BuenningOLBucs and Bears200520083630
Dusty DvoracekDLBears200720081331
Eddie Kennison IIIWRRams, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, andBears1996200817939
Joey LarocqueLBBears200820081426
Terry CousinDBBears, Falcons, Dolphins, Panthers,Giants, Jaguars, and Browns1997200817237
R.W. McQuartersDB49ers, Bears, Lions, and Giants1998200815735
Darwin WalkerDLCardinals, Eagles, Bears, andPanthers2000200810935
Ricky Manning Jr.DBPanthers, Bears, and Rams200320088432
Anthony ThomasRBBears, Saints, Cowboys, and Bills200120078734
Leon JoeLBBears, Cardinals, and Bills200420073630
Joe TafoyaDLBears, Seahawks, and Cardinals200120077633
Byron Keith TraylorDLBroncos, Packers, Chiefs, Bears,Patriots, and Dolphins1991200722942
Todd SauerbrunPBears, Chiefs, Panthers, Broncos, andPatriots1995200717839
Tyler EverettDBBears20062006128
J.D. RunnelsRBBears20062006228
Daimon SheltonRBJaguars, Bears, and Bills1997200613339
Marcus MaxeyDBBears and Chiefs20062006229
Anthony ParrishDBBears, 49ers, and Cowboys1998200613136
Rex TuckerOLBears, Rams, and Lions199920064935
Derrick StraitDBJets, Bears, and Panthers200420062932
Michael HaynesDLBears200320054231
Edward W. BerlinWRTitans and Bears200120056235
Marc EdwardsRB49ers, Browns, Patriots, Jaguars, andBears1997200513237
Jerry AzumahDBBears1999200510535
Carl PowellDLColts, Ravens, Bears, Redskins, andBengals199720058138
Jerrell PippensDBBears and Chargers20042005531
Robert E. Johnson Jr.TEBears and Redskins20032005332
Bobby GrayDBBears200220042934
Jonathan QuinnQBJaguars, Chiefs, and Bears199820041737
Shane MatthewsQBBears, Redskins, and Bills199620043242
Stanley PritchettRBDolphins, Eagles, Bears, and Falcons1996200412138
Karon RileyLBBears and Falcons200120042533
Ahmad MerrittWRBears200120032935
Bryan KnightLBBears200220033133
Corbin LacinaOLBills, Panthers, Vikings, and Bears1994200312941
Keith McKenzieDLPackers, Browns, Bears, and Bills199620039539
Roosevelt WilliamsDBBears and Browns200220032033
William Leon JohnsonRBJets, Bears, and Chargers199720037438
D’Wayne BatesWRBears and Vikings199920034736
Vinny SutherlandWR49ers and Bears200120021634
Bernard H. RobertsonOLBears200220021533
Christian PeterDLGiants, Colts, and Bears199720028139
Reginald AustinDBBears200120021835
Marq V. CerquaLBBucs and Bears20012002535
Larry WhighamDBPatriots and Bears1994200213639
Kevin Ray DoginsOLBucs and Bears199620024940
Gregory JonesLBRedskins, Bears, and Cardinals199720028238
John ThierryDLBears, Packers, and Falcons1994200213140
Troy E. WilsonDL49ers, Broncos, Saints, and Bears199320016141
Scott DragosRBBears200020011536
Jeff GrahamWRSteelers, Bears, Jets, Eagles, andChargers1991200116043
Thomas L. SmithDBBills, Bears, and Colts1993200113741
Sean HarrisLBBears and Colts199520018340
Henry TaylorDLLions, Falcons, Bears, and Dolphins19982001936
Chris HudsonDBJaguars, Bears, and Falcons199520017740
Khari Mitchell-SamuelLBBears and Lions199920013935
Marty CarterDBBucs, Bears, Falcons, and Lions1991200116142
Alonzo MayesTEBears199820003737
Brad CulpepperDLVikings, Bucs, and Bears1992200013143
Curtis EnisRBBears199820003636
Frankie SmithDBDolphins, 49ers, and Bears1993200010344
Luis Louie AguiarPJets, Chiefs, Packers, and Bears1991200015245
Tommy BarnhardtPBears, Saints, Redskins, Panthers, and Bucs1987200018649
Chris GedneyTEBears and Cardinals199320007341
Robert ChanceyRBChargers, Bears, and Cowboys199720002739
Darnell AutryRBBears and Eagles199720002436
Anthony S. JohnsonRBColts, Jets, Panthers, Bears, andJaguars1990200015945
Jeremy LincolnDBBears, Rams, Seahawks, Giants, andLions1993200010743
Ricardo McDonaldLBBengals and Bears1992199911942
Raymond AustinDBJets and Bears199719994337
Mike HoranPEagles, Broncos, Giants, Rams, andBears1984199920553
Christopher PennWRChiefs, Bears, and Chargers199419997041
Bam MorrisRBSteelers, Ravens, Bears, and Chiefs199419997440
Mike TomczakQBBears, Packers, Browns, and Steelers1985199918549
Greg HuntingtonOLRedskins, Jaguars, and Bears199319981841
John MangumDBBears1990199810545
Carl SimpsonDLBears and Cardinals199319988742
Anthony MarshallDBBears and Eagles199419986241
Michael DulaneyRBBears and Panthers199519983641
Brian Harper LeBelTESeahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Bears, and Ravens1989199813649
Dave KreigQBSeahawks, Chiefs, Lions, Cardinals,Bears, and Titans1980199821353
Gregory BriggsDBCowboys, Bears, and Vikings199519983944
William SchultzOLColts, Broncos, and Bears199019975646
Tony StargellDBJets, Colts, Bucs, Chiefs, and Bears199019979445
Corey DowdenDBPackers, Ravens, and Bears199619971444
Keith JenningsTECowboys and Bears198919979246
Scott AdamsOLVikings, Saints, Bears, Bucs, andFalcons199219975845
Robert Vinson SmithLBFalcons, Cowboys, Bears, and Saints1988199714846
Donnell WoolfordDBBears and Steelers1989199712646
Robert D. GreenRBRedskins, Bears, and Vikings199219977142
John JacksonWRCardinals and Bears199019963645
Dana HowardLBRams and Bears199519961940
Elliott Jackson Jr.WRBears199619961239
Maurice G. DouglassDBBears and Giants1986199613948
Jim McMahonQBBears, Chargers, Eagles, Vikings,Cardinals, and Packers1982199612052
Nate LewisWRChargers and Bears199019958245
Lewis TillmanRBGiants and Bears1989199510946
Dante D. JonesLBBears and Broncos198819959247
Shaun GayleDBBears and Chargers1984199516050
Bryan WagnerPBears, Browns, Patriots, Packers, andChargers1987199510650
Glenell SandersLBBears, Rams, Broncos, and Colts199019952846
James ThorntonTEBears, Jets, and Oilers198819959647
Andre PresidentTEBears and Patriots19951995341
Johnny BaileyRBBears, Cardinals, and Rams199019958143, X
Steve McMichaelDLPatriots, Bears, and Packers1980199421354
Michael StonebreakerLBBears and Saints199119941845
Brent NovoselskyTEBears and Vikings198819949846
Wendell DavisWRBears198819938146
Anthony BlaylockDBBrowns, Chargers, and Bears198819937147
Darren Glen LewisRBBears199119933344
Fred BanksWRBrowns, Dolphins, and Bears198519938050
Keith Van HorneOLBears1981199318654
John WojciechowskiOLBears198719939248
Dave DuersonDBBears, Giants, and Cardinals1983199316050, X
Vestee JacksonDB andLBBears and Dolphins1986199311948
Jim MorrisseyLBBears and Packers1985199311449
Ron MorrisWRBears198719926648
Dennis GentryWRBears1982199215953
Eric WrightWRBears199119921342
Lemuel StinsonDBBears198819926946
Ronald MattesOLSeahawks, Bears, and Colts198619929548
Mickey PruittLBBears and Cowboys198819926247
Greg ClarkLBBears, Dolphins, Rams, Chargers,Packers, and Seahawks198819927047
David ZawatsonOLBears, Jets, and Dolphins198919912246
Thomas SandersRBBears and Eagles198519919051
James CovertOLBears1983199011152
Al HarrisDL andLBBears and Eagles1979199014955
Kurt BeckerOLBears and Rams198219909453
Mike C. RichardsonDBBears and 49ers198319899151
Sean Lamar SmithDLBears, Cowboys, Rams, and Bucs198719892647
Lew BarnesWRBears, Falcons, and Chiefs198619893149
David A. SmithOLBears19881988448
Emery MooreheadTEGiants, Broncos, and Bears1977198815858
Greg LaskerDBGiants, Bears, and Cardinals198619883347
Brian GlasgowTEBears19871987351
Bryant OrtegoWRBears198519873149
Sam Tyrone BowersTEBears19871987354
Egypt AllenDBBears19871987648
James AlthoffDLBears19871987450
D. Kris HainesWRRedskins, Bears, and Bills197919872154
Perry HarnettOLBears and Packers198219871252
Stephen FullerQBChiefs and Bears197919869055
Daniel P. RainsLBBears198219864259
Cliff ThriftLBChargers, Bears, and Rams197919869756
Brian BaschnagelWRBears1976198412958
Robert AvelliniQBBears197519847358
Patrick N. DunsmoreTEBears198319842755
Mitchell KrenkTEBears19841984853
Greg LandryQBLions, Colts, and Bears1968198414665
Jim OsborneDLBears1972198418663
Reuben HendersonDBBears and Chargers198119844653
Anthony McGeeDLBears, Patriots, and Redskins1971198420263
Terry SchmidtDBBears and Saints1974198414360
Walter WilliamsDBLions, Vikings, and Bears197719839358
Thomas Daniel NealOLColts and Bears1973198313462
John JanataOLBears198319831551
Aloyouis ChesleyLBEagles and Bears197919825654
Bruce HerronLBBears197819827158
Roland HarperRBBears197519828959
Robin EarlTE andRBBears197719828457
Willie McClendonRBBears197919825755
Frederick DeanOLBears and Redskins197719824057
Ted AlbrechtOLBears197719817757
Mike PhippsQBBrowns and Bears1970198111964
Emanuel ZandersOLSaints and Bears197419819960
Allan EllisDBBears and Chargers1973198110560
Robert NewtonOLBears and Seahawks1971198114262
Vaughn LusbyDBBengals and Bears197919801856
Tom HicksLBBears197619806459
Steven SchubertWRPatriots and Bears197419797461
Lynn BodenOLLions and Bears197519796759
John Golden RichardsWRCowboys and Bears197319798661
Wally ChambersDLBears and Bucs197319798861
Lonnie PerrinRBBroncos, Bears, and Redskins197619795860
Donald RivesLBBears197319787460
Lionel AntoineOLBears197219786861
Bob HylandOLPackers, Bears, Giants, and Patriots1967197713667
Ross BrupbacherLBBears197019765664
Lawrence SchreiberRB49ers and Bears197119767465
Virgil CarterQBBears, Chargers, and Bengals196819765266
John Henry WardOLVikings, Bears, and Bucs197019767864, X
Earl ThomasWRBears, Cardinals, and Oilers197119767163
Ted VactorDBRedskins and Bears196919756968
John BabineczLBCowboys and Bears197219754062
Craig CottonTELions, Bears, and Chargers196919757764
Ernie JanetOLBears, Eagles, and Packers197219753162
Norman F. Hodgins Jr.DBBears197419741461
David GagnonRBBears197419741361
Michael HobanOLBears19741974160
Gail A. ClarkLBBears and Patriots197319741961
Ronald SmithDB andWRBears, Falcons, Rams, Chargers, andRaiders1965197413970, X
Michael HullRBBears and Redskins196819748967
Jerry MooreDBBears and Saints197119744363
William BrownRBBears and Vikings1961197419473
Andrew RiceDLChiefs, Oilers, Bengals, Chargers, andBears1966197310271
Cecil TurnerWRBears196819737668
Roger LawsonRBBears197219732263
Adrian YoungLBEagles, Lions, and Bears196819735266
Charles HowleyLBBears and Cowboys1958197318075
Bill StaleyDLBengals and Bears196819724965
Robert WallaceWR andTEBears196819725966
James D. CadileOLBears1962197212871
Frank CornishDLBears, Dolphins, Bengals, and Bills196619728367
John HoffmanDLRedskins, Bears, Cardinals, andBroncos196919723168
Steve WrightOLPackers, Giants, Redskins, Bears, andCardinals1964197210169
George BurmanOLBears, Rams, and Redskins196419728569
Roosevelt TaylorDBBears, 49ers, and Redskins1961197216675
James GrabowskiRBPackers and Bears196619717567
Ronnie BullRBBears and Eagles1962197112372
Theodore Wheeler IIIOLCardinals and Bears196719701567
Ralph KurekRBBears196519708169
Harry GunnerDLBengals and Bears196819704267
John NeidertLBJets, Bengals, and Bears196819703066
Martin AmslerDLBears, Packers, and Bengals196719703769
Terry StoepelTEBears and Oilers196719702067
Andrew LivingstonRBBears and Saints196419704767
Michael PyleOLBears1961196912173
Kenneth KortasDLCardinals, Steelers, and Bears196419697370
Charles E. BrownDB andRBBears and Bills196619683069
Rudy BukichQBBears, Steelers, Rams, and Redskins1953196810380
Jake W. MartinTEBears, Falcons, and Vikings196419687070
Roger A. LeClercLB, K, and OLBears and Broncos1960196710475
Edward G. CookeDL andLBEagles, Colts, Bears, NY Titans, Jets,Broncos, and Dolphins1958196711777
Bob KilcullenDLBears1957196610476
Jon ArnettRBRams and Bears1957196612377
Larry MorrisLB andRBRams, Bears, and Falcons1955196612479, X
Theodore G. KarrasOLSteelers, Bears, Lions, and Rams1958196610878
Maurice YoumansDLBears and Cowboys196019655675
Tom BettisLBPackers, Steelers, and Bears1955196310979
Charles E. SumnerDBBears and Vikings195519627382
Jack JohnsonDBBears, Bills, and Texans195719614578
John Connell JohnsonDBBears, Chiefs, Bills, and Texans195719614578
Bobby Watkins Jr.RBBears and Cardinals195519583880
Fred MorrisonRBBears and Browns195019568485
Loyd LoweDB andRBBears19531954883

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