Good day Bear Goggles On loyal Patrons, my name is Joshua Waupoose and I am the latest addition to this awesome website that is dedicated to Chicago Bears football and its’ “FANS.”

I have been a loyal Bears fan my entire life while residing north of the Illinois border for a better portion of my existence. Although I sport my Bears gear around here freely, by all means, it has not been an easy journey. After moving about 40 miles away from the lair of our arch nemesis, the Green Bay Packers back in early 2011 when they last won the Super Bowl, I realized it might not be a wise decision to be liberal with football loyalties, as finding work was becoming a problem.

I eventually found a job after two months, but they did not find out I was a Bears fan until the start of the following season. After establishing myself at the job, I came out and told my co-workers the good news; there is a Chicago Bear Fan in their midst. I sarcastically remarked to my boss; “if she knew I was a Bears fan she might have considered other applicants.” She frowned at me and the said she was glad she chose me otherwise.  Everywhere I go I get sneers and jeers from every Packer fan I cross paths with; this has not deterred me from my Bear’s fandom.

I look forward to bringing all of the readership exciting and up to date information about the Bears, from the perspective of a Bears fan and nothing less.