Greetings from the Desert


Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

My name is Mike Flannery and I’ll be helping out with Bears updates and fantasy football advice this season. I’m a die-hard Bears fan currently located in Arizona. I never really had a choice what football team I would root for, the first year I remember watching football was 1985 when I witnessed the most entertaining and dominant Bears team of all-time and I’ve been hooked ever since. I still know every word to the Super Bowl shuffle and compare every Bears LT to Jimbo Covert (unfavorably). It’s been mostly downhill since that first glorious season, I still cringe when I see Dave Wannstedt’s face, but I am excited about the Bears future. The Bears releasing both Kellen Davis and J’Marcus Webb in the off-season is a giant step in the right direction.

I feel I’m joining Bear Goggles On at an exciting time; The Bears have a new coach, a mysterious offensive scheme, a proud but aging defense potentially on its last legs, an enigmatic QB in a make-or-break contract year, a new weapon at TE, and some high draft picks that actually might not be busts! Just a warning, I tend to run optimistic when it comes to the Bears. My friends still make fun of me for trying to convince them Cade McNown showed flashes of greatness. I will do my best to stay objective about this year’s team but you can expect a couple “flashes of greatness” posts throughout the season. Despite my optimistic outlook, I have no problem taking a player to the woodshed when they fail to perform.

I hope you’ll use the comment board liberally to let me know if you agree, think I’m nuts, or join my friends in making fun of me. I can handle it. I’m excited and honored to be part of the Bear Goggles On team and I look forward to reading your feedback.