Bear Goggles On Staff ‘s NFL 2013 Season Predictions

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Here are the NFC predictions:

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I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are multiple picks of the BEARS winning the NFC North or making the playoffs as a Wild Card.  In fact, each of our staff writers believe that the Bears will make the postseason.  What a bunch of homers!  More on each of our selections in our Bears Predictions post where we picked all 16 Bears games.

Everyone believes the 49ers and Seahawks will continue to build on strong seasons with their emerging quarterbacks.  There’s also a healthy bit of support for the Falcons and Saints, with only one person picking the Panthers to come out of  the NFC South.

The most wide-open division in the eyes of our staff is the NFC East, with Giants, Redskins and Cowboys all getting some love to win the division.  Take that Chip Kelly and your high-octane offense!

Coming out of the NFC, the West is getting a lot of support with the 49ers and Seahawks getting most of the votes.  There are actually three Bears predictions to head to the Super Bowl and one Packers


selection.  One of our staffers actually believes the Saints will have a resurgence and come out of the NFC.