Mrs. Jay Cutler Arrested


UPI/Phil McCarten

When Chicago Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler married reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, was he aware he was married to a criminal?

Okay that is a little bit of an exaggeration.

Cavallari recently tweeted that she had been escorted to a police station in Chicago and forced to post bail for the egregious crime of driving in Illinois with a California drivers licence.

Since Cavallari wed Cutler earlier this year in June, I assume she has been living with him and their son Camden in the Chicago area. The issue arises because according to the DMV website, anyone who is a new resident and is living in the State of Illinois has “a full 90 days to get a (Illinois) licence“. Cavallari still has her California licence. This is a pretty common practice; my State is the same way, only we have 30 days.

Shortly after Cavallari tweeted about her trip to the police station, she then tweeted that she still owns property in California, so she’s still technically a resident.

What does this mean in regards to how the Chicago Bears are going to play this weekend or even this upcoming season?

Absolutely nothing.

If Cavallari were to spend some actual time in prison for a real crime, I could see where Cutler might be distracted during the season; knowing what I know about Jay; I don’t think it would affect him that much. Not because he is so callous, but because he would make sure his son was taken care of and compartmentalized the fact his old lady is locked up.

A focused and happy Cutler is extremely important for a successful Bears team. Cavallari is important to Cutler, so any news about Cavallari is important to Bears fans.