A Fan’s Non-expert take on Bears Week 1 Win Over Bengals


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Napier and I am a lifelong Bears fan living in West Virginia (the heart of Steelers country.) I have a loving wife named Beth that I married during the bye week, 2010, down in Aruba. We have a very cute 22 month old named Robbie that was expected during the bye week of  ’11, but he had other plans to come early. No worries, I was given permission to come home from the hospital and watch the Bears take on the Bucs over in London. Don’t judge me, Beth’s sister Debbie stayed with her in the recovery ward and the Bears won that game.

The photo above is a picture of my WV license plate. In case any of you are interested in moving here, DABEARS and DAABEARS were still available when I checked at the DMV. How sad.

I got out my turkey fryer for the wings and they were perfect. I make them breaded and use Franks’s RedHot Wings Sauce/Buffalo on the side. Ranch is made available as well. I try to have them ready at the half. I have moved since last season, so I had to find new out-of-market Bears fans. Last season’s Kirk Douglas (that’s his real name) and Doug Hatch will be missed as they were regulars and have become good friends. No fans of opposing teams are welcome as I have learned my lesson. I would like to personally apologize for two losses in ’11 as a result of breaking this code.

On to the game against the Bengals…

The stat that stands out most to me: 0 sacks. After reading all week about The Bengals “Super Bowl” defense and all the heat they were gonna bring on us, I have to give our current O-line some credit. One of those worst to first type stories in the making but more will have to be revealed later as the season goes on.

Jay Cutler looked sharp, confident, and got the ball out fast. I like that. A few drops by receivers, most notably M. Bennett right out of the gate. He quickly redeemed himself by an amazing touchdown catch that held up under review. I kinda had the familiar feeling I’d seen this before, the offense struggling to put up points, while the defense keeps them in the game.

Peanut’s back and looks great. Peppers seemed like he was not quite ready to give his all, and I’m just trying to trust the new coaching staff on the decision to start D.J. Williams instead of Bostic at MLB as he was no Urlacher, but, who could be? It appears as though the team trusts the Marc Trestman Method and that is what is most  important.

We came back and won the game and I have to admit I was “puckered up” towards the end. A good win for our Beloved against a team a lot of experts are picking for the Super Bowl.