Fantasy Football – Week 2 Waivers

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Last week I identified players owned in less than 60% of yahoo leagues that have the potential to be this years Alfred Morris. For more details on list eligibility check out last week’s article, Alf Morris All-Stars. My pics were a mixed bag but more than half had a good enough week to stick around. Every week I will update the list with players that flashed potential the week before and drop those who are a lost cause. I’ve also added the amount I would be willing to bid on each player in an FAAB league and what waiver priority I would be willing to give up for those of you who haven’t caught on to FAAB yet (try it, it’s better). I’ll start with last week’s recap and then get to the new additions.

Disclaimer: I know this is a day late for most league’s waiver actions. My apologies, it won’t happen again. It was a scheduling issue, I swear I wasn’t just trying to keep my bids from my league mates.

Week 1 Hold Overs:

Alshon Jeffery – WR: Mediocre numbers (5-42) but 2nd on the team with 8 targets. All the ingredients are there for a breakout. Be patient, it’s coming.

Max FAAB Bid: $7

Waiver priority: 3rd

Rueben Randle – WR: Hope you grabbed him when you had the chance. Randle caught 5 of the 6 balls thrown his way and finished with 5 catches for 101 yards. He’s going be starting on someone’s fantasy roster by week 8.

Max FAAB Bid: $10

Waiver priority: 2nd

Kenny Stills – WR: So close to having a breakout game. Brees under threw Stills on two deep balls that would have been TDs with a better throw. This kid is going have a big game soon.

Max FAAB Bid: $5

Waiver priority: 4th

Bryce Brown –RB: I was right about the running volume (49 carries!) but Brown only got 9 of them and didn’t do a whole lot with them (25 yards). I still think he’s going to have some big games even with McCoy active. How long McCoy will be active is another legitimate question; I try to stay out of the injury prediction business, but McCoy has never averaged more then 18 carries per game in a season and he had 31 last night. I’m not sure how long he long he can hold up with that much usage. I’m leaving Brown on the list for at least one more week.

Max FAAB Bid: $5

Waiver priority: 5th

Rod Streater – WR: 5 catches for 70 yards on a team leading 8 targets. Strong start. We have to assume some improvement throughout the season for Pryor right? If so, Streater has potential to be at least a viable flex on your squad.

Max FAAB Bid: $5

Waiver priority: 4th

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor – QB: I saved my best pick for last. I thought I was being generous with my 50-60 rushing yard prediction, but Pryor gained 115 on the ground and looked like a beast doing it. Click the link to see the best QB stiff arm I’ve ever seen. His other arm is still erratic and he’s going turn the ball over quite a bit, but of all the guys on this list Pryor has the best shot of being a fantasy difference maker.

Max FAAB Bid: $17

Waiver priority: 1st